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customer orientation

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❶The conclusion drawn was that companies were able to anticipate customer needs if they engaged proactively with customers. Full Answer A study expounded upon by Baylor University states that proactive customer orientation includes studying customers' behavior and examining industry strategies.

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What Is the Purpose of a Quality Control Plan?
1. A customer-first approach
2. Universal buy-in

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Business strategies that tend to reflect a customer orientation might include: developing a quality product appreciate by consumers; responding promptly and respectfully to consumer complaints and queries; and dealing sensitively with community issues.

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A customer-oriented organization places customer satisfaction at the core of each of its business decisions. Customer orientation is defined as an approach to sales and customer-relations in which staff focus on helping customers to meet their long-term needs and wants.

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Definition: Customer orientation is a business strategy in the lean business model that requires management and employees to focus on the changing wants and needs of its customers. In other words, it’s a company-wide philosophy that the customer’s wants and needs are the first priority of all management and employees. The best customer service oriented teams default to taking on the onus of a problem or challenge rather than passing it back to the customer. If your customer needs a problem fixed, just do it for them, and reduce the effort your customer has to expend.

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customer-oriented meaning: → customer-focused. Learn more. Word of the Day. hilarious. extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter. A customer orientation approach means that the company gives a lot of importance to the customer and is a customer oriented company. Such companies make all their marketing strategies with customers at the apex of the pyramid.