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Essay on the Green Revolution | Importance of Green Revolution

Sociological Impact of Green Revolution

❶The Green Revolution consisted of new methods of harvesting crops, fertilizers and pesticides were introduced, and companies were able to mass produce crops.

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Essay title: Green Revolution
Economic Effects of Green Revolution
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Companies of several sizes started to sprout throughout the United States. The companies that became successful were the ones that were able to purchase fertilizers and pesticides for their crops. Fertilizers are mixed into the lands and the soil would be rich with nutrients and minerals so crops can be grown better. Pesticides were invented because insects and bacteria were ruining the crops.

With pesticides, insects were killed when they stepped into the crop radius and protected the crops from bacteria that might eat away at them. New methods of harvesting crops came about as well. Machinery and technology replaced the traditional oxen and plow method. Now tractors and even computer controlled machines would run through the fields and would harvest the crops 4 times as fast as the oxen and the plow.

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So, we find a network of canals throughout the country. Soil conservation in corn fields is quite necessary for green revolution.

The Government Soil conservation department is doing it through effective propaganda among the farmers to raise contour barriers around the plots. We should get our soil tested through chemical method so that proper kinds of plant will be raised on proper fields. Government has established some soil-testing laboratories to help the farmers by testing their soils.

The same kind of crops should not be raised in the same plot continuously for two years or more. Every year, there should be a change of crops. The change is necessary to maintain the strength of soil and to obtain a larger output. Insecticides like Endrex and Pholidol are necessary to remove the harmful pests from the standing crops. Formerly, the Government of India was importing insecticides from the foreign countries.

Now, it is going to set up some factories for producing her own insecticide. Large plots are necessary for the application of modern agricultural instruments. For this, consolidation of uneconomic plots are quite necessary. It can be done in our country through co-operative farming.

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Essay # Green Revolution: An Assessment: Overall, the Green Revolution Is a major achievement for India, as it has provided an unprecedented level of food security. It represents the successful adaptation and transfer of the same scientific revolution in agriculture that the industrial countries had already appropriated for themselves.

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Green Revolution means revolutionary change in agriculture in order to make a massive production. Green revolution has been effected not only in India but also in many other countries where food production is not at par with the size of population.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: In this essay we will discuss about Green Revolution in India. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Subject Matter of Green Revolution 2. Important Features of Green Revolution 3. Arguments in Favour 4. Impact 5. Achievements 6. Weaknesses. Contents Green Revolution in India: Essay on the Subject Matter of Green Revolution [ ]. Economic impact of Green Revolution; Sociological impact of Green Revolution. Economic Effects of Green Revolution. The important economic effects of the Green Revolution are: 1. Increase in Agricultural Production: The first major direct effect of the green revolution has been the sharp increase in agricultural production. As a result of new agricultural strategy, food grains output increased .

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The increase in the amount of food produced allowed them to export crops to other countries. The increase in production also resulted in the price of food decreasing in this country. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the affects the Green Revolution had on Third World countries. Essay on the Green Revolution The Green revolution is a series of events right from starting of using of high yielding variety of seeds, pesticides, improved agricultural equipment’s, etc. which together led to the betterment of the people and market related to agriculture.