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History of Fire Sprinklers Essay

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❶Many codes do not require a specific type of Automatic Sprinkler System. By including detection devices and the correct sprinkler heads, these systems can mean the difference between life and death.

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Homes should have interconnected smoke alarms that all sound throughout the home if even only one detects large amounts of smoke. They should run off battery back-ups, and since most home fires occur at night when people are sleeping, the smoke alarms should be in every bedroom, outside every bedroom, and on every floor of the home and throughout the house. It is crucial to make sure your smoke alarm is in working order at all times.

At least once a month, use the test button to verify that the smoke detector is in proper working order. Some alarms need batteries replaced once a year, and the smoke alarms themselves need to be replaced every ten years. Never make the mistake of taking down or disabling fire alarms if they happen to persistently alert during cooking or very hot showers.

The hush button on the alarm should be used to silence the alarm or new alarms should be purchased and installed in the proper areas of the home. Even though smoke alarms has saved countless lives, a smoke alarm can only detect, not control a fire.

The fire alarm can only do its job to alert residents if they have been properly tested and maintained. Smoke alarms are certainly life savers to many, but very young children and the elderly that are immobile or slow to leave the house do not stand a chance with a fast moving fire that produces deadly smoke and gases within minutes.

The most common places found include electrical rooms, computer rooms, and other areas that may house expensive equipment.

There can be several types of pre-action system including a recycling system. This system is capable of charging the piping, discharging water, then cutting itself off. In the event that the fire rekindles, it can discharge again. It then has the ability to recycle the water.

Deluge systems are much like Pre-action systems except that the sprinkler heads are open and the system is not charged. Similar to that of the pre-action systems, a fire detection device, usually a heat sensor, activates the discharge valve on the system. The difference is that the entire sprinkler component of the system is open; therefore the area that is activated is deluged in water. These types of automatic sprinkler system can be found where a high hazard of flammable liquid may be encountered.

The most common place is aircraft hangars. Caution should be taken though; in confined spaces the oxygen level can be deficient when these systems are activated due to the copious amounts of water. Combined Dry-Pipe and Pre-action systems are composed of both the systems mentioned above.

These systems have the dry pipe features with the pre-action features in the event the dry pipe portion fails. These systems are used when an area is too large to be covered by a dry pipe system. On the same note though, combined systems were originally developed for protection during cold climates. Long lines would be subject to freezing.

These systems are commonly found when dealing with long piers. Bahme 30 It is important to note this type of system is considered two independent systems. Testing requires individual standards for both type; consisting of the dry pipe system and the pre-action system.

Limited water supply systems are those where supply water cannot be properly supplied to the occupancy. These systems consist of many wide range types and can be used as outside sprinklers and confined space sprinklers. Some research obtained shows that one type of limited water sprinkler type could be the antifreeze sprinkler system. This type of system is very uncommon and is normally not accepted and used in recent automatic sprinkler systems.

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The automatic fire sprinkler system was one of the earliest sprinkler systems placed into effect. The origin of the modern day automatic sprinkler system dates back to the early ’s. Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are our first defenses to warn us of a fire and help us contain and extinguish small fires, but fire sprinkler systems are the best defense to maintain and extinguish fires before the fire department can even arrive at our homes.

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The automatic fire sprinkler system was one of the earliest sprinkler systems placed into effect. The origin of the modern day automatic sprinkler system dates back to the early ’s. The first automatic sprinkler system was created in England in the by John Carey. John Hall explains this concept, “Home sprinkler systems respond quickly to reduce the heat, flames, and smoke from a fire giving families valuable time to get to safety” (