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Honor Courage Commitment Essay

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❶For the purpose of this paper, values will be defined as the goals, ideals as well as standards which are to be aimed and attained. Life without honor is a struggle as it is and it is like going up a hill with no end in sight.

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While the deeds that are considered honorable may be different, I think it all goes back to my point of being an individual and doing what you think is right. They go there to bring the word of God. While those instances maybe different, they have one thing in common, and that is that in both instances the actions are done because of some moral conviction to do what is right. Courage comes from the strength of mind or will.

A weak; and sickly person is hardly seen to be physically courageous. Because his ill health does not permit him to take an aggressive view in life, although he may be mentally bold. But a person, who is bold and strong, both in body and mind, is normally found to be courageous. Commitment means giving a piece of ourselves in what we do. It sounds simple but it is not. For those who can not give that piece of his or herself in his or her actions, it is difficult to understand why some of us do commit ourselves.

Often we even cannot give a exact reason of why we are committed. Commitment must be experienced and not explained that is why my explanation here, can never match the experience of commitment. We must always abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, taking responsibility for our actions and keeping our word. We shall earn respect up and down the chain of command. Be honest and truthful in our dealings with each other, and with those outside the Navy.

Accordingly, we shall conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates. Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Honor, Courage, Commitment specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The recruits are able to now work together as a team and the teamwork discipline is now developing.

Honor is a pivotal code of conduct that helps define the duties and responsibility of a person within a social gathering or set up. Some people suggest that, honor is what a person is when viewed through the eyes of the society. For the Marine Corps, the value of honor becomes a central for other qualities like honesty, integrity, responsibility as well as tradition. The Marines main focus is o upholding to the highest standards, having their personal responsibility for any action that they take, telling of the truth together with respecting customs and being courteous.

Honor is a wide line of many things which a marine should have. As a marine who upholds the virtue of be honorable, one is expected to never to tell lies, never to cheat as well as never to steal.

These though are not all that is all that is encompassed by this value. As a marine corps, the code of conduct is expected to be exemplarily and that they should never find themselves compromising their personal integrity. A marine is also expected to be utterly accountable for all the action that one should commit.

This means that, one is mindful of their actions to others as well as being conscious of the effects their actions have on those around them. It therefore becomes evident that the good reputation of an officer corps becomes a shared responsibility by all. This means that, the good reputation of the marines is a joint and sole responsibility of all corps. Courage is simply stated as an honor in action.

It can also be said to be a mental discipline which makes one ready to adhere to some higher standards. This value deals with the moral, mental and physical strength which are required for all marines. A marine officer is expected to have a willingness to take a firm stand of what is right regardless of the possible consequences. This kind of courage has made the corps in the military to be able to sustain them during chaos, hardships, and perils of combat.

This kind of courage makes every marine to look back into their actions and can afford a smile. This value has become a hallmark of the American soldiers for more than years. Commitment is the value which calls for individual corps to promise to compete for a worthy goal whenever they are called upon. Some other values associated with this value are competence in their service, selflessness, teamwork and a high concern for other people.

As it is in the army, selflessness becomes a critical attribute which is required by a marine. It becomes evident that, strong marines who believe in the same ideals, following the same code of behavior and ethics as well as working together to fulfill the same mission are surely an unbeatable combination. These three Corps values make up the bedrock of the character of individual Marine. The Marine Corps will put into practice a harmonized program that will improve transformation into Marines through a thorough, meticulous reaffirmation of Marine Corps Values, teaching and education.

Everyone lives according to what they feel is valuable or according to their value system. Principles and leadership are strongly linked. By exploring this connection and understanding the enormous impact of own values on individual behavior, we should be better equipped as Marine leaders. By understanding human behavior, leaders are more able to evaluate, forecast, and persuade the behavior of their Marines.

Every leadership endeavor is exaggerated by the association between the values of the leader and those of the led. To be effective leaders, the leaders must truly appreciate the importance of values in understanding human behavior.

Knowing the values of their Marines, leaders can communicate more effectively and provide the proper guidance necessary to effect behavior and ensure discipline.

Keep in mind, the leader is primarily concerned with behavior which is enforced through policies, directives, and regulations. Attitudinal changes among subordinates may take place at a later time after behavior patterns have been enforced over a period of weeks or months. Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay?

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"Honor Courage Commitment" Essays and Research Papers Honor Courage Commitment Honor, Courage, Commitment Throughout its history, the Navy has met all its challenges with success.

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Oct 13,  · It took great courage and commitment to fight in those battles. Staying true to yourself and your unit, while also staying on mission gave those men great honor. My grandfather earned a Purple Heart during the war for sustaining an injury on an anti-aircraft gun.

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What is honor? The word honor is defined as one who shall bear true faith and allegiance. Accordingly, we shall conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in . Physical courage depends on one’s physical strength. A weak; and sickly person is hardly seen to be physically courageous. Because his ill health does not permit him to take an aggressive view in life, although he may be mentally bold.

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Honor, Courage, Commitment Throughout its history, the Navy has met all its challenges with success. The United States naval service began during the American Revolution, when on October 13, ; the Continental Congress authorized a few small ships be constructed. These small ships created the Continental Navy. National junior honor courage and having such a step that has the courage to the army's cultural and. Fast and share no commitment to find out a scholarship essay; pearl harbor research papers and you.