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Science coursework B HELP!

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❶The fact that teachers come on here and post about educational issues suggests that the cohort of teachers on boards are interested in teaching and education that they do this in their spare time. You can try justify it all you want with this excuse or that excuse but the students are cheating you are cheating and setting a shockingly bad example in the process.

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Coursework B 2015
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Im doing the chemisty and the physics ones, so can anyone help me?? I don't get why there's 2 'Procedure' parts. For example in the Physics one if you investigated 2 variables eg: By the way, that website also has: She wants them tomorrow and mine's in school Ask if you can do it during lunch or something. Afaik no one is allowed bring them home at all. Saw a class in my year going home with theirs today, stupidest thing I've seen tbh Basically what you are saying sure its grand to break the rules as long as you don't get caught.

What an example to set. Where do we draw the line? Sure tis grand if the Gardai don't come asking questions sure no one will know any different and you get away with it. I'm sure the original idea was that the sec probably thought they could trust teachers to uphold the integrity of the exam system without babying them at every step. Clearly not it seems. I'm just telling it as it is across the country but once again, I'll point out that you've obviously failed to read the first line of my "shocking post".

Let's face it, a kid with Downs syndrome or autism is still a student. Allowing them to get help from a SNA is giving them an advantage other students don't have. Same goes for readers for dyslexic students, spelling exemptions etc. Let's make it a completely level playing field, how about that? You say you've taught in disadvantaged schools but you seem to have no idea of the reality of life for many of those students.

No I read the full post. You don't do it but you spend the rest of the post justifying it. I know exactly what they endure. I came from the exact same place if you must know so maybe don't be so quick to judge. So it's ok for them to bring in a few cheat notes into the exams in June. Just cause of who they are. No of course not. So why is this ok? All projects etc are given a huge timeframe to be completed in our system.

Too long in many subjects. This is there to account for people who miss days etc. There were two of us teaching jc mtw the other teacher had no regard for dates. The kids knew that. Knew I would not go one day past. I has the weaker, more troublesome group of the two classes. All got their work done in time. They knew they had no choice.

No help at home attendance poor at times but they knew my stance on it so even the worst of them worked to this. You can try justify it all you want with this excuse or that excuse but the students are cheating you are cheating and setting a shockingly bad example in the process. Why bother with dates at all. I teach in a fairly middle of the road school, we have some excellent students, some with special needs and a lot that fall in the middle. We have to do our coursework B during class time.

I usually end up doing over the course of 6 weeks. Sure, there are students that miss days but it's highly unlikely that they will be missing every science class for 6 weeks.

Nobody said here that does an all day affair for the coursework that the student won't be able to do it. We have all said that we adhere to deadlines. Regardless of a student's ability in science or any other subject, adhering to deadlines and getting their work done on time is something that will be expected of them in the real world in any job. That is a skill they can learn in school by learning about the consequences of being late.

Students also learn that lateness will not be tolerated. There are very few students with mitigating circumstances death in the family, serious illness where lateness is acceptable and even in those circumstances they are not likely to be absent from school for the whole period where coursework is being completed. I, as a science teacher, will not allow any of my students to tick a box for a science experiment which they have not written up.

As I already outlined I had two such students this year. To the point that the SEC rang the school in August and message was passed to me to ring back. I could have easily sent this off and they would have been given the marks for free. I stated in no uncertain terms that the students had not completed the work and as a result were not allowed to fill in that section in the coursework booklet.

So the SEC were happy with that. I am aware that some teachers do not get students to write up the coursework, some may not even do the experiments. I am not one of them. I have professional integrity, something you seem to suggest many of us are lacking. Something I'm pretty disgusted by. I do agree that the coursework should be sent to the SEC, if nothing but to check that it has been done.

Again, don't tar every teacher with one brush. The fact that teachers come on here and post about educational issues suggests that the cohort of teachers on boards are interested in teaching and education that they do this in their spare time.

You are dealing with professionals who realise that not every teacher is going to do things by the book, but don't come on to the forum and start slagging off all teachers. Click here to register for our database. Click here to book your place. The specification for the new junior cycle science can be found here. The Scifest programme aims to encourage a love of science, technology and maths through active, collaborative and inquiry-based learning. We are updating our database.

Please register your details here with the PDST Sciences eso that we can keep you up to date with all the latest news and information. We would like to invite you to participate in the European Amgen Teach initiative.


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Guide To Junior Cert Science Exam help The problem occurred both among help level and ordinary level candidates and among candidates at more than one exam centre during last year's Cert. Some Ordinary Level candidates had their marks for the work involved coursework pending a satisfactory explanation from the schools, according to the report.

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Coursework b junior cert science. Subject teachers help cert junior coursework b science students learn clinical interventional skills e.G. Harjaantumisoppilaiden ja ala-asteen oppilaiden yhteistoiminnallisten ryhmien muotoutuminen sek sosiaalisen integraation toteutuminen kuvaamataidon opetuskokeilussa. One science these must be completed for each investigation. Sample Write up Students coursework find this sample write up, for an junior from another year, helpful as help prepare cert .

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Coursework B – Student Guidelines Introduction i. My interest in carrying out this investigation Even though you may be doing the same investigation as the other students in your. Coursework B - Student Investigations These investigations account for 25% of the students final Junior Certificate grade. Coursework B Titles.