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Five sample paragraphs for middle school

Types of Introductory Sentences

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Purpose of the Introduction
Lesson Plan: How to Write an Essay Introduction

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Middle school writers tackle five paragraph personal, persuasive and narrative essays. Within these assignments, the introductory paragraph sets the tone for the entire essay. This is a very focused paragraph that must lure the reader in and explain what the entire paper will cover.

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Writing a good introduction paragraph is much easier when you know what needs to go in it. Think of it like a recipe. You need to gather all the ingredients, put .

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Apr 25,  · Teachers of writing will instantly recognize these “dead fish” beginnings. We are all too familiar with them. I have, however, had considerable success using the following strategy to help students write more lively, effective introductory paragraphs. I use a fairly common symbol to articulate the role of an introductory paragraph. The middle rectangle holds the writer's thesis statement (also The weather is exciting, school is keeping us busy, and Halloween is just around the corner. No other season is a better setting for fun activities than Four Square Introductory Paragraph Writing Author.

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Teaching middle-school students to write an introductory paragraph should focus on developing an introductory sentence, including key facts and providing an . Writing an effective introductory paragraph binds the audience to the writer. A bound audience means you get to share all those wonderful ideas you’ve been wanting to share. Teaching this skill means instead of communicating with grunts, your students will communicate with words.