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Revenge is a prominent theme in Bronte's Wuthering Heights. However, during his vengeful acts against the two families, Heathcliff becomes even more dark and unhappy inside. While he truly believes that revenge will justify his existence, he is actually making himself more miserable than Hindley ever did. The Issue of Stagnancy in Wuthering Heights. At first, the union is logical: However, as they age, the relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine becomes far murkier.

Catherine begins to treat Heathcliff quite poorly, leaving him to marry Edgar Linton, yet constantly declaring her true love for Heathcliff. Also, discuss the ways in which their relationship changes, and the separate catalysts for those changes.

The Supernatural in Wuthering Heights. It is the presence of Catherine that leads Lockwood to discover the books that have been scrawled in as diaries, and in the end, it is her ghost that drives Heathcliff insane. Besides the two examples already listed, in which ways does she influence the storyline? The Moor Motif in Wuthering Heights.

In many ways, Wuthering Heights structures itself around matched, contrasting pairs of themes and of characters. What are some of these pairs, and what role do they play in the book? Some of the pairs include: By placing these elements into pairs, the novel both compares and contrasts them to each other. Analyze the character of Edgar Linton. Is he a sympathetic figure? How does he compare to Heathcliff? Is Catherine really in love with him?

Unlike other novels where parallel narratives exist i. This intricate technique helps to maintain a continues narrative despite of the difficulties posed by the huge time-shifts involved in the novel.

He arrives at the end of November as a tenant of Thrushcross Grange. After his initial meetings with his landlord, Mr. In the novel Lockwood presents the situation as he sees it, the reader is thus brought closer to the action, seeing it through the eyes of the narrator himself.

The presence of Lockwood in the book allows the author the author to begin the story near the end and work backwards and forwards in time with little difficulty. The opening chapters of the book are narrated by Lockwood and provide the reader with their introduction to this early 19th century world. Lockwood uses an educated literacy language marked by detailed factual description and perceptive observation and comment, both on situation and character.

Nelly Dean as Narrator:. The sense of actuality is conveyed by a series of concrete details that fall artlessly into place. The intimate affairs of the Grange and the Heights have taken up her whole life, however, her position as a professional housekeeper means that her interests in events is largely practical.

As a narrator reporting the past from the present, she has the benefit of hindsight and can therefore depart from the straight chronological narrative to hint at the future. A major contrast between Nelly and Lockwood is that she, to an extent, is a character within her own narrative, which causes her several problems.

At times she is involved in the action, she is now describing and therefore she treads a difficult path between romantic indulgence and moral rectitude, she both encourages and discourages relationships. Her attitude to theme sways between approval and disapproval, depending on her mood.

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Suggested Essay Topics; Study Questions. 1. Many of the names in Wuthering Heights are strikingly similar. For example, besides the two Catherines, there are a number of Lintons, Earnshaws, and Heathcliffs whose names vary only slightly. What role do specific names play in Wuthering Heights?

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Sep 05,  · Suggested Essay Topics. books-wrfd.tks the novel’s narrative structure. Are the novel’s narrators trustworthy? Why or why not? With particular reference to Nelly’s story, consider what might be gained from reading between the lines of the narration.

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With its Gothic-inspired plot, ghostly overtones and revenge-fueled love triangle, it’s no wonder that Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” has remained an essential piece of the British literature canon for more than years. The novel’s intricate themes and complex characters also . Academic Writing Solutions: the 10 Best Wuthering Heights Essay Topics. At some point in your academic career, you’re probably going to find yourself reading the classics.

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Help your students deepen understanding of key plot points, characters and setting of 'Wuthering Heights' with this lesson. Essay topics and. Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4: The Supernatural in Wuthering Heights The supernatural is a key element in all of the canon of Romantic Literature and is apparent in Wuthering Heights, especially the manifestation of Catherine’s ghost.