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How to Handle Aggressive Customers

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❶Be absolutely sure that your plan of actions is correct and it will solve the problem.

Business crime prevention advice: Dealing with aggressive and offensive customers

Keep calm and carry on
Control your body language

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Do not allow the customer’s anger to provoke you. 7. If you have time (e.g. between taking and returning a call), there is a valuable exercise that is useful in all sorts of conflict .

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Assertive customers are often mistaken for aggressive customers. Assertive customers are direct, but generally much calmer when asking for something. They like quick resolution and direct answers and will not spend a lot of time chatting, but they are not apt to be rude or obnoxious.

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The other highly aggressive customer we'll call "type 2". This individual achieves her aggressive drive from a high level of dominance and a competitive nature. Controlling everything and everyone within her field of vision is important. Dealing with aggressive customers or difficult people at large is truly the master art of great communication. Understanding, repeating and conveying back are all parts of effective communication and leads to lesser stress and an elevated level of confidence.

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Dealing with an aggressive customer requires you to think on your feet. Not only must you stay calm, avoid arguing, and listen, but you must try to find a solution to whatever problem your customer has. Customers who become aggressive or abusive are generally not angry with you personally, but are angry at the lack of perceived customer service from your business, or that the sold product has not met their requirements.