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Short Essay on Adult Education (Adult Literacy)

What is Adult Education?

❶People can switch over to new jobs with proper training which an important part of adult education. The importance of adult education is highlighted below in points.

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Importance of Adult Education:

Thomas, imbibed his missionary zeal and faith. Many missionaries, both men and women, from the Syro-Malabar Church are engaged in octane missionary work in different parts of India. In recognition of the missionary spirit and zeal of the Syro-Malabar Church and its members, Pope John 23rd entrusted the care of Chanda Mission to the Syro-malabar Church.

Diocese of Kalayan was established in to look after the spiritual needs of the members of the Syro- Malabar Church who have settled in Mumbai for job, and trade and commerce.

The diocese of Thakkala in the south was established in i and in the North, the diocese of Balthangadi in comprising the mission territories of Kerala. The diocese of Chanda was divided and the diocese of Adilabad was formed. How can we participate in the mission of the Church as its members?

We bear witness to Jesus Christ by the words and actions, particularly when we live in the midst of people who are non-Christians. Lesson The Pilgrim Church 1. What is the hope that gives meaning to Christian life? Christians are a people who move forward with eager longing for heaven and the bliss of Paradise. It is this hope of eternal life, which gives meaning to Christian Life. How does the Christian life become a foretaste of life in heaven? Christian Life means our union with Jesus Christ.

It is state in which we are in Christ and He is in us. A complete and final realization of this union with Christ is heaven. In real Christian life, we can have a fore taste heaven, provided we live according to the promptings of the Spirit.

Peace and happiness are the fruits of the Spirit which the presence of the Holy Spirit ensures in our lives.

Enjoying peace and happiness here on earth through the presence of the Holy Spirit, is an experience of heavenly life-only in small measures here, but there in full.

The faithful who are on earth can assist the souls in purgatory, through their prayers, particularly the Eucharist, almsgiving and sacrifices. Explain, individual judgment and final judgment. The separation of the soul from the body is death. We call this the individual judgment. The final judgment is the one in which the just and the unjust are going to be separated finally and eternally. Lesson The Church is One 1. The Catholic Church is the fellowship of the individual Churches.

The Church is the body of Christ. In the Church, the members live out their Christian life in individual Churches under one common authority of the Pope. The Catholic Church is the fellowship or communion of these individual Churches. There exists a wonderful unity among these Churches. Thus all the believers are united in one Spirit through one Lord, one faith and one baptism. Having been made into one body with Jesus through baptism, we are nourished by the Holy Eucharist and other sacraments.

Church is the fellowship of those who participate in the one and the same life by participating in the same spiritual drink and the same spiritual food.

Thus the members of the Church are united through one baptism and one bread for all. Fellowship with the apostles and the Bishops is essential for maintaining the fellowship of the believers in the Church. This is called unity in apostleship. The believers who are united like this have one faith, one sacrament and one apostolic leadership. Which are the main liturgical traditions in the Catholic Church? They are six liturgical traditions in the Catholic Church follow are ancient.

To which liturgical tradition does the Syro-Malabar Church belong? Individual Churches has sprung up in its own particular historical context and is rooted in a particular culture. Each of them has its own life-style CCEO They, have all equal status in the Catholic Church.

Lesson The Church is Holy 1. How did God reveal his holiness to the prophet Isaiah; explain. Once prophet Isaiah was praying in the temple and he had a vision. He saw the Lord seated on a throne. The hem of his robe filled the entire temple. Above him stood the seraphim; each had six wings; with two he covered his face and with two he covered his feet and with two he flew.

In our country, adult education is imparted tinder two aspects: Agencies of Social Adult education include all the bodies, organizations or institutions which 'deliver the goods' which contact the 'consumers' of social education and satisfy their needs. They may be categorized as under:. The scope of Adult education is very comprehensive. Social education covers all those topics that are not touched by education in general at school.

Then, the growth grooves of each individual are different from those of others. Social education harmonizes differences in growth and it also provides an opportunity for growth to those who have not been able to grow properly or completely earlier. About the need and importance of Social Adult education Swami Vivekananda remarked: Our great natural sin is the neglect of the masses and that is the cause of our downfall.

Social education is heeded to widen the intellectual and political horizon of the illiterate adults. It is also needed to sharpen the aesthetic sensibility of the adults and to set the cultural tone of the community. Lastly, illiteracy and ignorance is a sin; an illiterate adult is a burden on society. Adult education emancipates people from the tyranny of illiteracy.

The objects, or purposes, or functions of social education may be stated generally or pragmatically. The philosophically oriented functions of Adult education are clearing concepts of reality of universe and life, reconciling the old and the new approaches to life, balance and independent judgment, self-realisation, human relationship and citizenship training and economic efficiency. Thus, the root of the present problem of adult illiteracy lies in the past.

The working class constitutes a great part of it. Many parents of this class of people do not favor of sending their children to school. Even when they come to school, they become drip-outs and help their parents in tending cattle and doing many other works to add to family income.

Sometimes, illiterate, unemployed people run to the towns and cities to work as laborers in industries and factories. They do not like to go back to the villages to get skilled in various ancestral trades and professions and work for a living. The need of adult education or literacy: This is due to lack of education, learning and proper consciousness.

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Importance of adult education Adult education is an important aspect of the society that helps the people to be aware of the rights and duties towards the state. Apart from intellectual training, it also helps to instill common sense in the grown up people.

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Adult education refers the systematic approach towards educating the adult population and the enable them to read, write, and learn new skills. The problem of adult illiteracy: Adults are illiterate because they were devoid of education during their childhood. Thus, the root of .

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Essay for Students on the Importance of Adult Education Article shared by In India, education has been provided to a few fortunate people and this has widened the gap between a few literate and millions of illiterate people in India. So he renamed Adult education as 'Social Education'. In our country, adult education is imparted tinder two aspects: (1) Adult Literacy i.e. education for those adults who never had schooling before; and, (2) Continuation education i.e. education for those adults who had some schooling before.

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Importance of Adult Education and Ways to Implement It Essay Vimal Kaka [email protected] PERSONAL DETAILS Professional Highlight: I have a unique blend of having a Over All exposure of Operations & Marketing with The Hospitality / Hotel Industry. Adult Education Essays - Adult Education Education is the most important activity that every human should be an active partaker. Education is an activity that is designed to bring about changes in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and perceptions of individuals, groups or communities. Adult learning does not occur in a vacuum.