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Two extremes of media bias

❶This blog post is provided free of charge and we encourage you to use it for your research and writing. To find a more unbiased version of the story, another, more centered version of the news should be looked upon such as that of CNN.

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They tend to receive higher ratings because more people tend to tune in and watch it for unbiased news. They then go on to say, "There's really no room for bias. Fox News is a prime example of a biased news station. This network is accused of being biased towards conservative causes and politicians. The Democratic National Committee chairman called Fox a "right wing propaganda machine. Being that Mitt Romney is a conservative republican, people accused Fox of showing more support for him throughout the election.

On the other hand, MSNBC is a station that is accused of being biased towards the liberals and the democrats. Many people argue that one is far more biased than the other, depending on their own personal opinions, but in reality they both tend to be equally biased. Another reason bias is seen on certain media stations is because the reporters working for these stations are using Twitter to express their own opinions. Twitter is a great way to send out information, but it is risky to do so because it can create a very biased atmosphere.

The public associates certain reporters with certain stations, and when that reporter makes a biased remark on a social media site, citizens may accuse the news station as being biased as well. There are many examples of biased news reports during the Presidential Election. There are a number of reports against President Obama. Also, certain networks make people believe that Obama is a socialist and that his supporters favor socialism as well.

There are also many reports that tend to be favor the president. A USA today headline stated, "Economists See Less Pain in " and the article that followed went on to talk about that happening if the president was to be re-elected. A poll conducted by CBS included more democrats than republicans leading to skewed results. This tactic was used to boost the Obama campaign Senator Mitt Romney also faced biased reports during this election.

There were just as many reports against him as there was against Obama. Several outlets showed a selectively edited video clip of Mitt Romney. Therefore, America's middle class tends to be in favor of Obama due to the fact that the media makes them believe that Mitt Romney doesn't favor them.

There are also reports that favor Mitt Romney. Fox News decided to broadcast one of Mitt Romney's speeches, but didn't broadcast Obama's speech that had taken place later that day.

Even after Romney had lost the election, continued to favor Romney. They blamed his loss to the biased "fact-checkers". Fox News attacked the "fact-checkers" for "debunking many of Romney's falsehoods. Political news has brought about media bias since the time John Adams and Thomas Jefferson ran for president in It is almost impossible to avoid this situation since everyone has their own opinions. President Obama and Senator Mitt Romney faced the same type of bias that had existed within every single election in America.

Both candidates had to deal with bias that was either for or against them, and were lucky if they faced none at all. Everyone news network in America had stories about the election during the campaign. After each presidential debate, the news channels covered the event the very next morning. Bias occurred when reporters decided who they thought won the debates. Not having to deal with bias would be ideal during an election, but it is too impossible to avoid. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions according the Constitution, which allows for freedom of the press.

As can be seen, it is evident that the media is very biased. There may be some networks that can be very fair, but the majority of all media networks are unfair when they report news such as Fox News and MSNBC. Even when the reporters working for those stations are not on the air, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are outlets in which reporters can express their true feeling about someone or something.

This makes it very easy for the general public to accuse certain reporters and networks as being unfair and biased. One can see a great deal of bias in the media when it comes to reporting political news. President Obama and Senator Mitt Romney faced a great deal of media bias, for or against them. Both candidates had networks reporting things that could either benefit or hurt them.

Either way, it is clear that our society produces news that is often unfair and biased. It is through factors of presentation such as structure of sentences and fact presentation all the way down to the pictures that are chosen to report on a particular story that truly show the spin that a particular news coverage network is placing upon a particular reported event.

As the country faces political battle and discourse, different news providers provide different styles of coverage on how the government is dealing with the issue at large. Currently, the nation is facing a difficult battle in planning the budget in relation to taxation and spending cuts, while trying to avoid a government shutdown. All of the major news providers have run many different stories daily covering this event.

NBC ran a story that had a very understated message to it. In the coverage that they provide, President Obama is fighting a battle to try to save the country from falling into further debt and is simply being bullied and brought down by the Republican party that simply care about disagreeing with his efforts because they view his entire presidency as being the enemy. The article goes on to show pictures of the President walking alone on a snowy day looking burdened by the weight of the troubles the country faces being solely on his shoulders.

The story almost makes it look as though Obama is a sort of hero or valiant knight that is fighting against all odds for those he cares about, which in this case is the American people.

These sorts of quotes are then attached to important Republican representatives in order to show that they are the ones that are unwilling to compromise and are the very reason why the political process in the United States has come to a halt. The bias in this form of news clearly favors the left-winged side of politics, but is can be easily countered by the story that Fox News provides for the same event.

Fox News has long been criticized as being very biased and unfairly right-winged dominated in its coverage. Fox seems to give more coverage, to republican and tea party based issues. This appears to be an accurate statement when it comes to the budget, taxation, and federal spending cuts stories that it has ran. Even the photograph chosen for the news story appears to go along with this general message. The truth of the issue must lie between these two extremes that Fox and NBC have painted.

Clearly, President Obama is not a valiant knight riding into Washington to save the American people, nor is he the devil incarnate, in power only to ruin the GOP and drive the United States into the ground. To find a more unbiased version of the story, another, more centered version of the news should be looked upon such as that of CNN. They simply tell the exact details of what is happening without placing a large amount of slant to their story. The story gives the exact times that the President will be arriving, fielding the media, and giving general discussion about topics of importance.

The facts of the story are clearly stated such as in the following passage from CNN ;. From an article such as this one, a reader is truly able to step back and realize that there is an incredible amount of bias that news sources provide on events that have occurred in the recent past as it allows for journalists to be able to find quotation and other abilities to turn the story in a particular political direction to suede the audience to favor one course of action over another.

The next question one should ask upon arriving at this conclusion is logically this: One of the more recently breaking stories was the appointment and confirmation of the new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. As with any news story, the major news providers all ran stories to announce the confirmation of Secretary Lew by the Senate. The answer, as one would expect, is that the sources were able to put in less of their journalistic bias into a breaking story.

NBC, the most left-winged of the three providers, ran a very short story that simply stated the confirmation by the Senate. Because Lew was appointed by the Obama administration, it comes as small shock that this news source would have many negative comments to say about the man Obama wanted to have the job. This is the only real political slant to the article as a reader could take this statement as a way of saying that, once again, the GOP is attempting to block progress of the nation just to best the Obama administration.

Fox attempts to cast the appointment in a much more negative light, as one would expect. The Fox News coverage of the event has a much larger story of the confirmation of Jack Lew. The story that is ran casts Lew is a puppeteer for some of the financial difficulties that the nation has faced in the past several years.

Fox is quick to point out that Republicans are blaming Lew for. The general attempt by Fox is to paint a portrait of an individual that is not entirely fit for the job, but received it because the government is controlled and run by the Democratic Party who are simply trying to run their own agenda with no input and attempt to establish a bipartisan relationship.

Even the image chosen to show off the new Secretary of the Treasury is one that gives negative credibility to Lew. The picture is one of him looking away as he answers questions before his appointment.

The image shows a relatively weak looking, larger man who will not even make eye contact with those he is addressing because he clearly is running his own secrete agenda that will financially benefit himself at the cost of the American people.

Even on a relatively new news story, the reader can immediately see that the political split remains between the two extremes in the news world of Fox News and NBC. Again, by looking at the story presented by a more neutral news source, CNN, the reader can see the truth in the middle of these stories provided where Jack Lew is not a back alley, scheming man nor is he the single most qualified person to ever hold the office in the history of the country.

The CNN story finds a much more balanced way of presenting what is actually happening in the confirmation of Jack Lew. CNN provides the criticism that the GOP has with his appointment, citing his connections to government bailouts and to Citigroup during the financial crisis, but also points out the overwhelming vote that confirmed him as the secretary of Treasury Liberto.

What CNN does better than either Fox or NBC is to show that, with almost all political issues, there is no extreme and all or nothing answer to a story. Lew clearly is not the single worst appointment ever made nor is he the greatest.

The appointment and confirmation of Jack Lew was made because the President feels, and the Senate agrees, that he is the best person to currently hold the office of Secretary of the Treasury. Bias and political slant in journalism is something that all readers should look out for whenever they find a story dealing with politics. What is most important to remember is where the news story is coming from.

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