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❶Shaara"s historical accuracy is unquestionable.

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General Lee in particular is presented as a religious man with a streak of fatalism in his nature. He tends to attribute certain events to the will of God. This is first apparent when he realizes that there will be a battle at Gettysburg, even though this was not the location he had decided upon.

Men do not march blindly to their preordained fates; their fate is decided by men who make certain decisions and have it in their power to make different ones. It is human will not divine will that determines outcomes. Shaara masterfully summarized the character of the Army of Northern Virginia and its inherent hypocrisy.

They are mostly unpaid and usually self-equipped. This is an army of remarkable unity, fighting for disunion. It is Anglo-Saxon and Protestant. They share common customs and a common faith and they have been consistently victorious against superior numbers. No one on the Union side seemed to express ideas like these, which seem to be associated with the traditional religious faith that flourished in the South and which is part of the reason Fremantle admires the Confederacy.

On the other side, Chamberlain, who in effect is the chief spokesman for the Union cause, thinks more in terms of the ability of men to shape their own future democratically rather than invoking the will of God as the power that dictates what happens in human affairs. The lead General, Gen. Lee, often felt that the war was out of his hands and the hands of his men. The Union Army and Col. Chamberlain felt that it was the ability of their men that would ultimately shape the outcome of the war.

Nevertheless, it was more than religion that set them apart. The most important reason as to why the armies were fighting, was that of slavery. Both and the North found themselves fighting for different reasons and sometimes even the men of the same army found themselves fighting for a variety of causes. Early on the Union Army saw themselves as fighting for freedom. They believed that slavery could not co-exist in a country that was founded on the ideology of freedom.

However, they eventually found themselves fighting to help free the slaves rather than fighting for each other. The Confederate Army was fighting to maintain its grip on slavery as it was ever so important to their economy and way of life. They depended on it so greatly that they would be willing to risk their lives on order to hold on to it. Chamberlain talks about his view on the war, and what it meant to him as he was trying to convince the imprisoned troops from the 2nd Maine Division to fight with him.

He believed that this war was far different than any other war ever waged in the history of mankind. He believed that what we were fighting for was the value of man, that they were fighting for each other. All the way from here to the Pacific Ocean. Here we judge you by what you do, not by what your father was.

He wants to be treated fairly, as he deserves, no matter what his father deserved. Later on it seemed that there reasonings on the war seemed to have changed. They had gone from fighting for each other to fighting a war on slavery. To Chamberlain, the bottom line is that he sees everyone, black or white, as a man. There is no difference. Even Kilrain seemed to have slightly seen the true reason as to why they were fighting.

And so what then? To stand by and do nothing? Shaara"s historical accuracy is unquestionable. He has written this fabulous Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Although the heroic suicidal charge of the 10th Minnesotans on the second day of the battle was left out, Shaara focuses on Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the 20th Maine which makes up for the lapse.

It is safe to say that no other novel has so closely allowed the reader to understand the peculiar madness of this civil war. After reading this powerful, exciting novel one assumes that whenever cultures clash, there will be a final conflict. By showing the reader what the principals of this great battle were and may have been current thinking on multiculturalism are highlighted in a new and perplexing way.

This was a great feet for a book written in to be so magnificent. The Killer Angels has been made into a five hour long motion picture and is called 'Gettysburg. The movie illustrates Mr. Shaara's ability to tell a complex story with clarity. The novel shows a great depiction of the tragedy of war, like in the part when Armistead races into battle, even though he is fighting his best friend Hancock , and they both get shot.

It really shows the views of each side, and what each character felt. The Killer Angels' will satisfy both the history buff and the Civil War buff. But, the sense of duty, honor, and the appalling loss of life as well as the unbelievable heroism displayed by both sides in the battle will move many readers.

The Killer Angels Summary This outstanding historical novel depicts four days at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania which occur during summer of These crucial days are the turning point of the American Civil War and the strong days of the Confederacy. In just three days of slaughter in Eastern Pennsylvania, there was one-third as many casualties as during the three years of the Korean War.

At the beginning, General Robert E. Lee leads a confident, flawless Confederate Army north into Pennsylvania. There, they hope to demolish the Union Army by provoking it into an attack. Colonel Chamberlain leads a desperate charge of the 20th Maine. This is told with such force and clarity that the reader smells the gun smoke, hears the rebel yells, feels the heat and desperation and experiences the exhaustion and relief of the Union troops when the day is finally won.

At one point, Buford finishes a battle and goes to the cemetery on the hill. He had been hit on his left arm. There were barely any of his calvary left. This scene described a sadness that Buford experienced. On the third and final day of actual conflict, Pickett's Charge is told with great patience and sensitivity. This was a highlight of the novel. During this run, 15, Confederate troops attacked a stable Union position that was spread across almost a mile of open ground.

Many men died at this event. The conflicting strategies, which confronted General Lee, led him to order this ill-fated attack. These strategies are then further explained. Shaara offers some insights into the nature of men Killer Angels and war. He states that the war was fought because of a clash in cultures and that the Union Army fought, not for plunder, loot, or power, but to make people free. He also makes it clear that the Confederate leaders and soldiers also fought for a different sense of freedom.

The conflicts within men, who having vowed in happier times to never take arms against each other, yet nevertheless find themselves on opposite sides of a battlefield. The book closes with General Lee leading his weakened forces on a retreat south to the safety of Virginia after having lost thousands of men in furious assaults on Union positions.

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- Killer Angels Paper The Human Factor in the American Civil War Michael Shaara&#;s fictional novel, The Killer Angels, is based on the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War. The novel allows the reader to recognize the heart and courage of the more than two million men that fought in the war.

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The novel The Killer Angels, by Michael Sharra is the story of the Battle of Gettysburg. On July 1, the union army and the confederate army fought the largest battle of the American Civil War. The book is based on real life people who were a .

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Killer Angels Essay Words | 3 Pages. Killer Angels The pain, joy, bloodshed, death, and sorrow of the Civil War are all contained in the book called, "The Killer Angels." This book will show you the thoughts, feelings and actions of . The Killer Angels essays The Killer Angels is a tale of one of the bloodiest battles, in the bloodiest war that America ever waged-the Civil War. The book is a work of fiction in that it unabashedly reconstructs personal narratives of different historical protagonists, and attempts to give a moment-.

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Like Lee he seems fatalistic, believing himself to be “in the grip of these great forces, powerless, sliding down the long afternoon toward the end, as if it was all arranged somewhere” (Pg. – Killer Angels, Michael Shaara). "The Killer Angels" is a historical novel that was authored by Michael Shaara in The novel is on a narration of four days of the Battle of Gettysburg that took place during the American Civil War.