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How to write your own Psalm of Lament

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❶What are some specific stresses, losses, or burdens in your life? Failure to recognize this results in the erroneous effort of trying to dig out a different meaning from each statement or else the reader dismissing the second verse as redundant.

Writing Your Own Psalm

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Do you tell the truth when you worship?
What Is Parallelism?

This time think about the characters involved. What kind of person do they sound like? Who are they speaking to or about? Let those words sink in. Read the next line. Having read the Psalm slowly and thoughtfully, look for where you connect with what is being said. Is the writer expressing joy and celebration? Find the part of the Psalm that speaks most directly to your inner circumstances. Using your model Psalm as an example, write your own prayer or song.

Take it line by line, and let the theme of the Psalm shape your own prayer. Where it makes sense insert the specifics of your own circumstances or spiritual condition. You are using the template of the Psalm to write your own prayer or song to God. Let this flow naturally. Once you have your own version written, pray it out to God. Speak it out loud. Repeat it once or twice. Then end with some quiet space of reflection and listening. In your journal jot down thoughts that occur to you.

What did this process open up for you about your relationship with God? Choose a variety of different Psalms — Psalms of celebration, of sorrow, of doubt, of worship.

Then repeat this process with each one. Take some time to pray the Psalms like this and you too will discover that you are not alone. Complete the exercise above with a Psalm of your own.

You have a good and beautiful purpose. Marc writes and speaks to help you live intentionally as an apprentice of Jesus, where you will experience real personal growth and discover your path to make a difference in the world. This is life at the intersection of grace and growth.

And for this, I thank you! Irvin, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. Fantastic piece Ms Dora. And what a beautiful psalm. It's so great to always try to write or capture things we are thankful for the Lord doing when it happens so that we may never forget, that we will always recount the many times He has blessed us and that our very breathe is worthy of high praise.

Happy Thanksgiving and I know that your psalm will inspire thanks in your entire family gathering. MsDora, this is by far the most helpful lesson on prayer that I have ever read. I learned a lot with your explanation, so much so that I shall try to compose a Thanksgiving prayer for our family's celebration this year.

Thank you for this valuable insight into the Psalm of Thanksgiving. Truth, you speak the truth, indeed. This, written four years ago is a reminder for me too. Thanks for the reminders this Thanksgiving. There is so much sadness and trouble in this World, so we have to remind ourselves to be thankful for what we do have.

Thanks for the encouragement. It was written for the holiday, but I hope useful all year round. You are such a good writer and very inspirational. I enjoy reading your hubs. You are a light along the way. As the song says, "Every praise is to our God! It really is all about giving him the thanks and praise, isn't it? In whatever humble we can do so no doubt our Lord welcomes it You have a rich pedigree.

Thanks for your very kind comments. May God be praised that we can learn from each other. Dora, you have wrapped yourself around my heart. Everything I read of yours is a blessing because your precious spirit, your sweetness and attitude of gratitude.

Your psalm was beautiful. Thank you for this gift. As an aside, William Bradford is an ancestor of mine. My maternal grandmother's middle name was Bradford in honor of him. JTader, we can include as many element as we wish.

It's our life and our thanksgiving. Glad you appreciate the article. I appreciate your reading and commenting. So many elements of a personal psalm, so many things to think about as we give thanks. Good guide Ms Dora. RTalloni, thank you for sharing these meaningful thoughts and resources. I appreciate your sharing your reflections on the God-man relationship. Your comment is very helpful. The theme of praise before prayer runs through the entire Word of God, bringing us to His Son through the Old Testament into the New Testament, and I have found it to be true that writing about what we have to be thankful for in Him helps us continue to embrace that theme.

When difficult seasons come into our lives, it is especially important to review what He tells us and consider all that we have to be thankful for if we agree with Him about His Son.

A primary example for us is from the book of Job, with Job By listening to a series on Job from the author of Beyond Suffering: Discovering the Message of Job Continuing to take in the difference between temporary harm that grows, strengthens and heals us, and lasting harm that destroys us is to take huge steps upward. Being able to praise Him for His perfect knowledge of the difference when we face difficult circumstances is huge.

Thanks for the opportunity to stop and consider this topic at this time. In the face of your burden for your mother it is good to read of your prepared praise. You always show God's love for us and it is always such a pleasure to read you here Sam, what a nice thing to say! Thank you and have a great thanksgiving! Your articles always touch, affect and make people better.. LoveDoctor, thank you for your encouragement.

I agree with you. Thanks to God is a necessary response from us. Marlene, that's a great conclusion. We can always say, "Thank God" and mean it. This is so beautiful. It all comes down to one of your final words, "There will always be a reason to thank God". This is a lovely Psalm of Praise that you have composed! I think we can all use a lot more expressions of personal gratitude in our lives!

Thanks for commenting, Chosenwoman. Glad you enjoyed this hub. Will post another one on thanksgiving later today. Hope you enjoy that one, too.

Enjoyed this post MsDora, in today's society we don't hear nor teach much on being Thankful these days, because people seem to think that if they don't have everything then they have no reason to be thankful, but I am so glad my parents taught us at a young tender age to always be thankful for what you have, don't look at what you don't have because you are rich by being thankful This hub is a great testament to God's love towards us.

His goodness and mercy endureth forever and ever for all generation. Eddie-Perkkins, thanks for your comments and your votes.

Always a privilege to have you drop by. Thank you Ms Dora for writing this. It is certainly thought provoking — praise and thanksgiving provoking. Vote up and beautiful. You made my day, Dee aka Nonna. Glad you will act on this suggestion. That's exactly how I felt when I wrote mine--that I had to do it that day. Thanks for your encouragement! This feature is most evident in Proverbs and Psalms, though it is frequently found elsewhere in the Bible particularly in the prophetical books.

The six kind of parallelisms are as follows: Two consecutive lines or clauses containing statements very close in meaning. By doing this, the writer gives greater emphasis and expression to his subject. Failure to recognize this results in the erroneous effort of trying to dig out a different meaning from each statement or else the reader dismissing the second verse as redundant. The primary use of synonymous parallelism is for emphasis. How many rise up against me!

The second line takes up and develops further a thought begun in the first line. One line conveys the main point, the second line illuminates it by an image. The second line contrasts with the first. Two lines are joined solely by metric considerations. More presentations by eliSabeth meindl intro to Psalms.

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Wilkerson advises participants to let four particular psalms train you, before you write your own: Psalm 55 – about being betrayed by someone close to you. Psalm 56 – about feeling trapped, pinned down or captured. Psalm 57 – about feeling threatened by a powerful enemy. Psalm 51 – about repentance.

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The Psalms is a great model for how to tell God the truth about your journey. The more truthful you are, the more vibrant your relationship will be.

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We reviewed each of these psalms in a half-dozen different translations and paraphrases, including the New International Version, the New Revised Standard Version, The Message, Psalms Now, Psalms for Teens, and Psalms for Young Children. And then it was time to begin our own writing. Writing Psalms (Instructions) I created a series of questions for children to answer in the development of writing a psalm. The age of the children will determine how long it will take to get the answers.

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Oct 29,  · Sharing a personal Psalm of Thanksgiving is just one impressive way to make the occasion special. Need some help? Psalm makes a good books-wrfd.tks: How to write your own Psalm of Thanksgiving Psalms of Thanksgiving provide a way of giving thanks to the Lord for his goodness and mercy, to praise God for something He has done for the Psalmist, and to offer thanksgiving in the form of worship.