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AP United States History

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❶Compare and contrast the arguments of the federalists and antifederalists with regard to adoption of the new U.

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James River - easy to defend, but Mosquito infested, which is harmful. England began to claim West Indian islands including Jamaica. The foundation was Sugar cane which was a "Rich man's crop" since it had an elaborate refining process and required hard labor Many African slaves were brought to the indies to work the plantations.

Codes were formed to define the legal status of the slaves. One of which was the Barbados slave code of which denied any rights to slaves and gave masters complete control. Barbados settlers brought the Barbados code to the Carolinas which inspired codes developed there that was developed in They asserted supremacy over dozen small tribes, called Powhatan's confederacy.

The Indian and English relationship was tense because the colonist took supplies to raiding Indian supplies. In , Lord de La Warr arrived. The declaration of the war against the Indians in the Jamestown region. A peace settlement ended the first Anglo Powhatan War in Indians stuck back in In response, Virginia Company issued a perpetual war without peace or truce Periodic punitive raids reduced population Second Anglo -Powhatan War - Indians last effort to beat the Virginians but were defeated again Peace treaty of broke the hope for peace between Indians and English the English considered Powhatans extinct Powhatan's fall in power due to disease and disorganization After the English civil war, a period of restoration occurred with royal involvement.

Carolina Close with west indies many brought Barbados code to Carolina and created vigorous slave trade Indians were also sold as slaves savannah indians ended alliance with carolina and migrated back to Maryland and Pennsylvania Bloody battles killed the indian tribes by Carolina's primary crop was rice. Charles Town became busiest southern seaport also practiced religious toleration Catholics disliked the protestant takeover of the carolinas so they attacked during the Anglo-Saxon wars but carolina was too strong.

Francis Drake sailed around earth and returned in with much Spanish treasure. There were many failures amongst the English in contrast with the Spanish. In , a storm arose the "Protestant Wind" and was the defeat of the fleet. Atlantic England had many characteristics that Spain had of the eve of it's colonization. Golden Age of literature: Shakespeare England and Spain finally sign a peace treaty in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Exporting agricultural products Tobacco and rice Slavery in all southern colonies Georgia only after Cities, schools, and churches were expensive Some religious toleration Church of England-dominant faith although weak in North Carolina Changes began.

Sioux's moved onto wide-open plains, and he adopted a life of nomadic hunters. Disease extinguish entire cultures and shape new ones.

Epidemics robbed native peoples of elders. Trade transformed indian life by traditional barter and exchange networks. Desire for firearms brought competition. A band of Virginia Indians loaded canoes with hides and tried to paddle to sell their goods directly to the land. A storm swamped them, they were picked up from an English boat and were sold into slavery. The Algonquians became a great regional power. British or French traders had little choice but to conform with Indian ways.

Middle ground- Europeans and Native Americans were compelled to accommodate to another. Second plantation colony but fourth English colony to be planted It was created as a refuge for Catholics because Protestant England was persecuting Roman Catholics.

Lord Baltimore hoped that settlers would be the vanguard of Maryland. Settlers were dispersed around the Chesapeake region on farms and land barons, mostly Catholics, were surrounded by planters, mostly Protestant. Resentment flared into rebellions near the end of the 17th century and the Baltimore family lost proprietary rights.

Followed in footsteps of Virginia. Protestants threatened to submerge Catholics and place restrictions. Founded in intended as a buffer to protect the Carolinas from the Spaniards and Louisiana from the French produced silk and wine launched by a group of philanthropists they were determined to keep slavery out of Georgia James Oglethorpe was one of the founders prison reform energetic leadership Hamlet of Savannah was the meeting community Religious toleration Many Missionaries.

Amy Mu's Life Story. Blog 31 August Prezi at Dreamforce Led group That settled Savannah Georgia's first settlement in To increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests. England managing colonies' trade. Voyage to the New World for African slaves under terrible and inhumane conditions.

It was the last colony to be founded in New England. Founded by William Penn, who was a Quaker. Featured city planning and religious toleration. Colonies under the Authority of individuals granted charters by the king. Founded by Roger Williams in Colonies Formed in the timer period known as the Restoration of monarchs. Founded by Roger Williams, came from ideas, etc, of Providence and Portsmouth - North and South Carolina - worked mostly by slaves.

Founded Providence and instituted religions and racial toleration. Political leader appointed as governor of the Dominion of New England in Boston colonists forcefully removed Andros from office in Exchange of men, women, and children in exchange for guns and alcohol.

First slaves came in Far more were in the South, than New England. A triangle of slave, materials, and food between the Colonies, England, and Africa.

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These terms are from the American Pageant textbook used for AP US History. Chapter 2 Terms 1) The headright system awarded free land to men who paid their own passage across the Atlantic Ocean 2) Indentured servitude was a way to .

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