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Burger King Headquarters Information

Burger King Headquarters Info

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459 Burger King Consumer Reviews and Complaints
History of Burger King
Burger King Corporation

Customer service reviews 8. It 1st started within the year of and has been an enormous success ever since. The terribly 1st restaurant appeared in Jacksonville, Florida.

The burgers were superb and with the recipes passed on, Burger King would continuously survive. Nearly half a century later, Burger King would undergo several changes and be current with the 3rd owners. Amazingly, at the top of , Burger King had noninheritable 12, organic phenomenon stores across 73 countries. Most of those organic phenomenon stores area unit in camera in hand. The Burger King headquarters controls one amongst the foremost common fast food restaurants within the united states.

Signature dishes just like the Whopper area unit what separate Burger King from alternative nourishment joints. Burger King could be a nourishment chain specialized for his or her flame-grilled burgers. As a world fast food chain, Burger King needs an outsized workforce. Conducting hiring year-round , Burger King continuously appearance for energetic, diligent employees to hitch the team. Needless to say we won't be back.

The new Burger King on Broad Street is just as bad. Must have the same owner. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I remember when the tender crisp chicken sandwich came out. The tender crisp chicken sandwich is smaller and flat whereas when it first came out was a nice big chicken breast which exceeded from the bun and so tasty. I would like to show a picture of it now.

They only provide tissue paper upon request. Even they not provide enough tomato sauce at one time.

They only give 2 no. And last when we ask for drinking water, they answered, "Sorry sir water glass is finished. Such a poor customer service. I placed a order in the drive thru I asked for my sandwiches off the broiler.

I live 3 mins away and my food was cold and old. I called and the night manager was rude and hung up on me twice. I will never eat at that location again and I will be requesting my money back. I went to Pleasantdale Atlanta GA store number This place has the worst customer service, well there is a guy name Axel taking orders. He took my daughter's order. As I got to the register the manager Maria I believe that is her name started to ring up an employee's order which I thought was rude since they were people in line.

Anyway she rang him up but he went in the back so here we are waiting for this employee to come back to pay and Axel and Maria were laughing cause we waited a long time to get our order taken, now he comes pay and no apologies from the manager or the employee. So we got our order and sat down. My daughter want some onion rings so she stands behind a man which he has been waiting a while. He got mad and left without ordering, so my daughter is standing there for about 5 minutes and no one is taking her order and the manager was at the register so I go and ask her what is going on.

Why was it taking so long to order", all she did was point at her tablet, like I knew what that meant, I told her you have 3 other registers, again no apologies for the wait. Finally got her onion rings, while we were sitting there about 5 people came in and there was no one at the register and they were again waiting for a long time. Everyone disappeared in the back then the young lady who was bagging and traying the food went to the register, took some order then called in the back for someone to come up front, she was really the only one working.

Then they have all these druggies come in there asking for money and there was a lady crawling on the floor. I will never ever ever go to this place anymore.

Management think customer service is a joke and she has the nerves to laugh in your face. I use to love this BK but not now. Sorry you lost a customer. As a former employee and a customer I'm very irritated at the lack of customer service of several Burger Kings in the Laurel Area.

Today, I visited the one at Corridor Marketplace and my order which was 1 caramel sundae, 1 plain ice cream cup and an apple pie was placed correctly however once we drove up to the next window we were given an ice cream cone along with the sundae and pie.

When my boyfriend asked for his in the cup this chick slapped it in the cup and never asked him if he would like it that way. Then I took my top off of the sundae. It was made sloppy and spilled out onto my clothes. That's poor customer service and just outright ridiculous. My experience at the other ones weren't no better when one morning I ordered two coffees and was given 1 hot and 1 cold.

Or you wait on your food for almost 30 mins. When pulling up to the speaker you get attitude not even a polite greeting. I know this during the years I worked there back in the day if you treated customers wrong, management wouldn't have a problem firing you.

This new day and age mess is what's wrong in the world today. As for me, I will not continue to spend my money for poor service! So my husband and I wanted to grab a quick late lunch. Since we didn't have much time we decided to stop by Burger King in West Des Moines , Iowa, I decided not to have anything as my husband was ordering his but changed my mind and decided to order a small burger, the cashier seemed so tired to take my order and my husband had to apologize to him which I didn't understand why yet we were paying for the food.

There was no other customers all this time and we overheard the cashier tell the other guy they 'want another burger again' which the other guy replied 'what, again! Are they trying to make my life difficult,' we overheard the conversation and my husband asked if he could speak with the manager.

He went ahead and told my husband that he would throw us out of his store if he yells which my husband wasn't all this time. After we went down to sit we could hear other employees laugh as almost all of them come in the front as if to check who we were.

They did not give me receipt to see how much I am charged. I called BK customer service more than 10 times. Unfortunately they did not take care at all. Customer service told me we are going to send you a check but they did not and every time I call they say, "We will call you back.

I have been going there for four months now ordering the same thing everyday. I have always paid the. They said that the sausage biscuits were the one that is on sale. I said yes I know I order that but have to replace the sausage for bacon due to my son not being able to eat sausage. He said, "Well then it becomes 3. I said, "May I speak to your manager", he said he was the manager and now I am 86 out of there that they will not serve me anymore.

When I asked for the main number to make complaint against him he said he didn't have it with that haha. And closed the window on me. I am a year-old senior citizen who is been patronizing your restaurants since the mids and that is about to end and I want you to know why.

I ordered two Whoppers with special instructions at your store located at Boynton Beach Blvd. I did not receive what I ordered and when bringing the sandwiches into the store and talking with the manager he said, "That's the way we make them," and refused to remake the sandwiches the way that they were marked on the receipt.

I am recovering from a heart attack and the last thing I needed was an argument from this manager. At that point I just asked for my money back and he mumbled under his breath, "We don't need no hockeys. Schwartz who did not even have the courtesy to respond. As the women approached her she said to her, "You have to pay for that drink". She accused her of trying to put pink lemonade in a water cup. My daughter purchased a medium lemonade and I asked for the water. I was in the car.

My child told me what had happened and said there was nothing in the cup when approached and the employee took the cup out her hand and put water in it. I entered the restaurant and told them they were wrong about my daughter and they had no right to be watching her and approaching her.

The manager response was that she had kids insisting that all kids steal. I was angered by her response and chose to believe it was because of her race not age. The lady said she would call the cops on me and that it's on tape. My daughter and I was treated very disrespectfully and they harassed my child by approaching her and taking the cup out her hand.

I asked the women to show me the tape and she said in a mean voice, "I will call the police. The Holy Spirit told me to leave the restaurant and deal with it His way. As I was leaving the cashier that waited my daughter spoke to me in a naughty way and said, "I saw her" trying to push my buttons.

My daughter said the cashier acted like she did want to wait on her in the first place. My last words l said was, "You prejudice people. I nor my daughter was treated with the respect we deserved. Good food bad service customer. The cashiers make mistake and the supervisor talk to me like was my fault. I certainly not come back. Make me feel so bad. This is in reference to store in Dallas Texas. I went into the store and how many of you know that the TX Double Whopper comes with jalapenos, I didn't.

I order my burger as always no tomatoes, no mayo, no ketchup just add mustard with lettuce and pickles. I got my burger and when I started to bite, I said that doesn't look like a pickle. I told the CSR at the counter, "Is this jalapenos? I made an order of 10 biscuits and sausage and a coupon meal. The Spanish manager told me, "You have to wait 17 minutes.

I didn't want to say anything back fear of spitting in my food. As I wait 1 guy comes in, made an order, left for 2 min, came back. She gave him some biscuits. Then another guy comes in 5 min after him with his own coffee cup and gives him 2 biscuits sitting on the tray.

So you mean to tell me while people come in and order the biscuits and because my order is big she can give away my biscuits and I have to wait longer. Mind you there is no one coming in and going through the drive thru other than the 2 guys.

So I go up to the counter and wait. I see her warming up some biscuits and it don't take long and she tells me wait 3 more minutes and I see about 5 biscuit sitting in front of the counter. I watch her then she says something to the other Spanish girl next to her and the other girl starts looking back at me like they mad I'm waiting at the counter.

Plus the manager is fixing my biscuits with no gloves on. So then she puts 10 biscuits in the bag and there is already about 5 biscuits on the counter just sitting there. All that took almost 30 minutes. Ridiculous, I shouldn't have to wait so long while the manager is giving away my order and I have to wait.

She didn't have gloves on and she had a bad attitude. I meant what was the cook cooking in the kitchen all that time. They were moving and stuff.

Are they cooking food for them or some others. I didn't get it. I bought an Arnold Palmer at the Village Cr. Location in WS, NC drive thru Tuesday, 10 Apr18, at pm and when I drank it, I don't know where this came from but it tasted like maybe mopping or cleaning water, I don't know why, it was bitter and burned my throat. I immediately threw it out. Please reimburse me for the drink. And find out what was wrong tonight, and please email me and let me know. Went to Burger King for breakfast located in Miami Beach on the corner of the cashier.

Gives the impression that we are in the hood and I rolled up to her asking for a favor. The cook seem to think that the customers are idiots for not knowing what is stale and what is fresh. I was served Tater Tots that was hard and cold. The actual in-store purchasing process is fine, I had no issue there. These people never answer the phones, and their website conveniently does not work.

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