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Understand the Individual Needs of Students

5 Invaluable Online ESL Teaching Resources You Can’t Live Without
The ESL Teacher’s Tool Belt

How did police forces acquire so much military equipment and how is it affecting their relationship with local citizens? This topic is very current and the lesson is sure to get your students talking!

The site also has a breakdown of lessons by topic, such as business in English, role plays, writing in English, holidays , grammar stories and more. The caveat here is that you must submit contributions before you can download them.

Worksheet downloads are conveniently organized by grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing worksheets. In addition, they offer cinema, television, games and song worksheets. The site also has a forum for teachers, where ESL instructors can ask questions, get advice and share ideas.

The form is well managed and up-to-date, making it easy to take part or just skim through for ideas. The site has a large listing of creative writing prompts, which can be really fun for more advanced students. They have a collection of games and vocabulary exercises on a variety of themes from beginner to intermediate students.

It has thousands of worksheets and activities available immediately for free download. But the idea here is to give the students the identity of a famous person on a slip of paper or let them think of their own. The site also offers great advice for ESL teachers, interesting creative writing prompts and much more. This online listening lab is the perfect resource for listening exercises in your ESL classroom.

The audio listening exercises are organized by level of difficulty easy, medium, difficult and are listed by topic. Each lesson includes a short audio clip usually less than two minutes , a quiz, vocabulary activities, post-listening exercises and online investigations, which ask the student to research the topic further online.

The customer continues to place his order. At the end of the audio, there are quiz questions which can be taken by the students online for a score or read aloud together. Other activities include multiple-choice and short-answer questions, as well as other post-listening exercises.

The site also has minute ESL vocabulary lessons and longer videos that feature more in-depth interviews and conversations, perfect for your more advanced students. All students learn in different ways, and these five resources can help you find what works best for all levels, and all different learners! If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach English with real-world videos.

Bring English immersion to your classroom! Here, you will find many games on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and others. A great collection of grammar games by the British Council. Go for the gold with these fun games for Grades 1 to 5.

Try these grammar exercises to improve your nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, and so on. A useful resource page with exercises on grammar stuff, and more. The webpage provides a lot of resources for ESL teachers and students. Online lessons and quizzes designed to improve English grammar skills.

Vocabulary Games To boost the power of their language, ESL students should spend some time to improve their vocabulary. Complete resource page for ESL teachers with lists, games, quizzes, puzzles, and more. A wide directory of English grammar and vocabulary games. Solving crossword puzzles is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary. Play this game to learn some English idioms. Many resources on idioms for ESL teachers. Try this exercise to test your knowledge of English similes. The BBC provides some games to help improve your reading skills.

Here, you will find a number of games and activities on these skills. Clifford The Big Red Dog: A collection of interactive storybooks for early readers. Interesting reading game for intermediate ESL students. The webpage offers mini writing lessons, and other writing activities. Try these exercises to learn the art of paraphrasing. A module on using photographs for writing. Play this fun game to improve your spelling.

Beginning ESL students will love to play this game. A series of fun classroom activities for ESL students. Great resources for ESL teachers. Speaking in Academic Contexts:

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We’ve compiled many tools for teaching ESL, and resources for ESL students. Our list of websites to learn English will help any ESL teacher as well.

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43 Excellent ESL Resources for Students There are over 1 billion people all over the world learning English right now. Luckily for them, there are now, more than ever, a plethora of great resources on the Web to make this challenge easier.

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Interactive grammar exercises for students at the intermediate to advanced level. Grammar Bytes Videos, interactive exercizes and quizzes on grammar. English Grammar Online Variety of exercizes and explanations on writing as well as reading passages on different topics. 30 FREE online resources for teaching and learning ESL. Anne Merritt. Jan 27, ESL Resource: The majority of these resources are for ESL teachers, but some would be helpful for ESL students as well. Grammar and Vocabulary. 1.