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❶Which groups or classes became involved in this campaign?

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Was Daniel Shay rebellion the Final Battle of American Revolution?
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Why did these differences become crucial in the unfolding revolution? Explain why the Stamp Act was repealed in and the implications this had for relations between Britain and her American colonies.

What commodities were affected by these duties? Which groups or classes became involved in this campaign? What ideas were contained in the Massachusetts Circular Letter, written by Samuel Adams in early ? What were the consequences of this letter for Anglo-American relations? What was the background to the Boston Massacre? Why did violence erupt between Bostonians and British soldiers in March ? Using primary and secondary evidence, explain who was more responsible for the Boston Massacre: Explain the purpose of the Tea Act of Which Americans were most affected by this act and how did they respond?

Was the Boston Tea Party a protest against British taxation, British trade regulations, or something else? How did the appointment of General Thomas Gage as governor of Massachusetts contribute to a revolutionary situation there? What were the terms of this act and why did the Americans oppose it?

Discuss the content of the Fairfax Resolves and Suffolk Resolves of What impact did these local resolutions have on the broader revolution? What decisions or resolutions were made by the first Continental Congress in ? How did they shape the course of the revolution? What attempts were made to reconcile the American colonies with Great Britain between mid and July ? Which people or groups favoured reconciliation? Referring to specific people, groups and places, explain how the American colonies mobilised for war between mid and April Discuss the impact of this document.

Describe the push for independence within the second Continental Congress. Which groups and people lobbied for a break with Britain? In its first months, the Continental Army was notorious for its lack of military organisation and poor discipline. How did George Washington and others turn the Continental Army into an effective military force?

How did American leaders convince ordinary people to enlist in the Continental Army or state militias and fight in the Revolutionary War? Referring to primary and secondary sources, explain the challenges and problems faced by an ordinary foot soldier in the Continental Army.

What occurred at Trenton, New Jersey in late December ? Why is this seemingly minor event considered a turning point in the Revolutionary War? Referring to at least two other nations, explain how the American revolutionaries sought the support of foreign nations during the Revolutionary War. How successful were the Continental Congress and state governments at supplying the war effort?

What obstacles and difficulties did they face? Why were British commanders unable to carry out and fulfil these objectives? Investigate attitudes to the American Revolutionary War back in Britain. Did these attitudes change over time and did they have an effect on government policy?

Creating a nation and new society. Describe the national government created by the Articles of Confederation in What were the advantages and disadvantages of this form of government? Why did the new United States find itself in an economic depression during the s? Consider both internal and external factors. How did the new United States government address the challenge of its newly acquired territories west of the Appalachians? Outline the causes of unrest among Massachusetts farmers in What were their grievances and what action did they take to resolve them?

Explain and discuss at least three compromises that were reached during the drafting of the United States Constitution in How was the issue of slavery addressed — or not addressed — in the United States Constitution? Identify differences between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists in How did their visions for the new United States differ? How did the Federalist movement contribute to the successful ratification of the Constitution in ?

Why was it considered necessary to incorporate these rights into the Constitution? To what extent was the American Revolution complete by ? John Adams famously described Americans as being one third in favour of the revolution, one third against it and one-third indifferent. How accurate is this claim?

How many Americans supported and opposed the revolution, and did this change over time? The United States political system created in is often depicted as radically different from the British political system. Was this really the case? However it was not long before Parliament tugged on the strings of the colonist again. The Quartering Act of demanded colonial assemblies to pay for supplies for troops residing within their colonies.

The act did not affect much of the colonies except New York. New York at the time had a significant amount of troops stationed and refused to comply with the law.

Parliament in returned threatened to nullify all laws passed by the New York colonial legislature, taking away what self-government they had.

To avoid more hardships, New York decided to obey Parliament. Townshend drew a plan that put taxes on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea entering the colonies. Though it only raised 37, pounds, compare to the , pound pay cut in the treasury department, Townshend duties was very effective in arousing political dispute that had laid inactive since the withdraw of the Stamp Act.

The revolution was growing strong and would finally be established after an incident in Boston in Because of continued violence in Massachusetts, British troops were brought in towards the end of to relieve tension. Ironically, situations grew worse and the troops were very unwelcomed by the colonist. The colonist felt as if rights were under the watchful eye of the king.

In and irritated customs officer shot an eleven year-old boy for throwing rocks at his house. Though the troops were not responsible for the shooting, they were usually under fire for hostility toward British power. The news spread through the colonies as the Boson Massacre. To cool down the hostility of the colonist, the Townshend duties were soon erased. Despite the fact that the British were deciding to pursue less controversial policies, colonist could no longer bare the abuse of their rights that Britain trampled on.

They were soon to be democratic nation and were tired of supporting an empire center around monarchy. Every colony united and rebelled against is abusive mother country, creating the American Revolution.

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The Second American Revolution Thesis Statement “The Civil War may also be termed as the second American Revolution in terms of the political, social and economic changes that occurred during the war” Introduction American .

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The American Revolution and the Institution of Slavery - Introduction The American Revolution is defined as the political turbulence that took place towards the end of eighteenth century when thirteen colonies in America united to attain freedom from the British Empire (Clifford, ).

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The American Revolution was a result of parliamentary taxation, restriction of civil liberties, and legacy of colonial political ideas. These three factors played an equally significant role in the steps towards the separation of Great Britain and America in the American Revolution. Essay: The American Revolution The history of the American Revolution, colonial American and British influence is often debated and interpreted by many historians in .