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Victim Impact Statement
Victim Impact Statements
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Write simply and descriptively. Your goal is to help the court feel your trauma. While nobody can truly understand what you are feeling, you can help others identify with your trauma by using feeling evoking words and phrases. Using descriptive words can help people form an image of what you are saying. Do address the judge, or paroling authority, when you speak. You may want to talk directly to the offender. If this is something you want to do, ask permission from the judge first.

You can still say what you need regarding the offender through the judge. Do ask permission if a picture is part of your statement. More often than not this is allowed, but any visual aids you utilize will need permission from the court first. Do write out your statement in advance. Presenting a statement is emotional. You may think you know what you want to say but when the time comes, your emotions could take over and your train of thought is lost. If this occurs, you can read directly from your statement.

Do have an alternate person that can read your statement in case you cannot finish. Your goal is to express your hurt and your pain, not to blame.

The blame has already been placed on the offender, so now is the time to talk about what you have been experiencing through your loss. Please do not get descriptive about any harm you would like to see imposed. This includes your physical address, mailing address, email address and phone number.

The offender will be provided copies of all letters submitted. If you state this out loud in court, it will be another opportunity for the offender to contact you in the future. What Happens to my Victim Impact Statement? Do I Have to Read it in Court? Why Write a Victim Impact Statement? The judge gets to hear your side of the story. This is usually the first time this occurs. Throughout the criminal justice process, the focus is on the offender.

Hearing from those that are affected by the crime puts a face with an often forgotten victim. You have a chance to tell the judge how you want sentencing to occur. More often than not, cases conclude by a plea offer. Many times the prosecutor and defense have agreed to a recommended amount of time. The judge is not bound by that agreement. You can make a difference in the amount of time an offender receives by speaking up.

This is true in cases that go to trial as well. You have the opportunity to address the court, and the offender by way of the court, about how the crime has affected you. Many find this helpful in the journey of victimization. Letting those know how they harmed you can be beneficial for emotional well-being.

It is a reminder of the harm they caused you. Can the emotional scars that are now engraved on me be justified? It is possible to say that I might have been remotely imbalanced earlier due to my disposition after the loss of our ancestral home, Belle Reve and I also lost my reputation and status back in Laurel for indulging in inappropriate acts with several men.

Stanley appeared to be of a very flirtatious and playful nature on our first encounter. He started to doubt me, started to believe that I had squandered away the money from the sale of Belle Reve and that I was lying to him and my sister. I do agree that I can be vain quite some times, however I can assure you all present here today I could never be so deceitful to perform such a venal act. Stanley changed so drastically over such a short period of time, and suddenly I know that he has attacked my poor baby sister and planted a slap on her face.

Which gentleman does that to his wife during pregnancy your honor? Can this even be considered a human act? Chivalry is dead your honor chivalry is dead! That night when my little doll was suffering in hospital delivering his baby, Stanley came home to celebrate the happiness of the new life in the world and instead of celebrating together the birth of this child, the night turned into that of regret, hate and abuse.

He was ruthless; he started yelling at me, called me a dreamer and told me I was imagining all the things that were happening to me and then when I tried to run away from him, he stopped me, blocked my way and I was helpless. This man is the reason for all the suffering my baby sister faces to date even after the birth of her child.

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DANICA MCGOVERN Towards Justice for Victims: A New Role for Victim Impact Statements in Sexual Violence Cases LAWS DISSERTATION FACULTY OF LAW.

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A victim impact statement can be delivered through a verbal statement or through a written document like other impact statements (e.g. income statement, financial statement). Upon deciding a sentence, victim impact statements usually serve as evidence on the severity of the crime committed by an offender, which may help the .

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How To Write a Victim Impact Statement That Will Make a Difference All 50 States Now Allow Victims to Be Heard. If you have questions about completing the statement you can always contact the victim assistance program and ask for help or clarification. Write out your statement before speaking to the judge. Reading a statement can . Remember that writing about your feelings may be very painful, so be sure to pace yourself and don’t feel that you need to have it “perfect”. Victim Impact statements are unique to you and people have various ways of expressing how crime has affected them. If you have any questions or would like help with a Victim Impact Statement.

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