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Julius Caesar

julius ceasar homework help

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How does act 1, scene 1 of Julius Caesar show the fickle-mindedness of the crowd. In act 1, scene 1 of Julius Caesar, Flavius and Marullus walk through the streets and discover that many working-class men are not at their shops. They stop some of the men and inquire why they are What rhetorical device does Calpurnia use to persuade Caesar?

What rhetorical device does Decius Calpurnia has been unnerved by recent events and portents, including a terrible nightmare, which all seem to point towards her husband's deadly fate. Convinced that something bad's about to happen, Is Brutus right to join the conspiracy? It is possible to make an argument for both sides of this debate. Brutus himself wrestles with the fact that he has always been "Caesar's angel," a close friend of Caesar's and one who was dearly Do you think that Portia is supposed to know what's bothering Brutus?

No one is supposed to know what is bothering Brutus, and you could argue that people learning the cause of his worries is a driving force in the play: Shakespeare explores the theme of greed in the play Julius Caesar by depicting the motives of certain senators, military leaders, and politicians as they struggle to retain or gain power in Rome How is betrayal shown in act 2 of Julius Caesar? In Julius Caesar, act 2, Brutus persuades himself to join the conspiracy against Caesar.

Caesar had been a friend to Brutus, granting him amnesty for having fought on the side of Pompey in the What reason does Brutus give the people for why Caesar had to die? In act 3, scene 2, Brutus addresses the crowd at Julius Caesar's funeral to explain why the senators assassinated Caesar, in an attempt to quell the emotional citizens.

Brutus begins by asking the Is Brutus in Julius Caesar an honest man? Brutus is portrayed as an honest, noble man throughout the play Julius Caesar. Brutus is initially manipulated into joining the conspirators after Cassius presents several moving arguments that Address Brutus's leadership abilities. Overall, one could argue that Brutus is temperamentally unsuited to a position of leadership. For one thing, he's far too noble, too unselfish to survive for very long in such a treacherous, In act II, scene 1 of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, the conspirators, including Brutus and Cassius, are meeting at Brutus's house the night before they will assassinate Caesar on the steps of the What word does Mark Antony keep repeating.

I assume this question is referring to Mark Antony's famous funeral oration for Julius Caesar. When Antony arrives at the Forum and sees Caesar's slain body, Brutus pleads with him not to sound the Virtually all of Caesar's assassins could be described in this way; they act friendly to Caesar's face when all the while they're plotting to have him murdered. But one would have to say that Give three examples of Decius using flattery to get Caesar to the Capitol.

Decius advises Brutus that he is quite sure he can "o'ersway" Caesar, even if he has "resolved" not to come to the Capitol. He says that flattery is generally effective in persuading Caesar: What does Cassius want Brutus to realize about himself? Which character is really the tragic hero of the play?

Even though Julius Caesar is the titular character of the play, and while his death surely is a tragic one, he is not to be considered the play's tragic hero. The title of tragic hero is more How did Brutus keep the secret about the conspiracy from his wife?

Conspiracies to commit murder, of their very nature, need to be kept top secret for them to work properly. Brutus has agreed to join the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar, and although he hasn't What is the proof in the play of the nobility of death?

Perhaps more than in any of his other works, in Julius Caesar, Shakespeare has his characters repeatedly and forcefully state their defiance of death. There is, partly, a historical reason for How is Brutus inconsistent in his Stoic philosophy? Stoicism is a school of Greek philosophy which became hugely influential in ancient Rome, especially among the upper classes. Stoics believed that virtue was the highest good and that its Who comes to visit brutus in his backyard what do these individuals want of Brutus.

In Act Two, Scene 1, Cassius and the other senators conspiring against Julius Caesar arrive at Brutus's home wearing cloaks that cover their faces. The conspirators visiting Brutus's home include Did the conspirators want Brutus to take over as leader of Rome? The conspirators did not want anyone to take over as Rome's leader because they felt that Rome's leadership had become corrupt.

As a democratic nation, Rome was governed by officials elected by the How does Mark Anthony try to get the citizens to sympathize with Caesar during the funeral oration? Mark Antony is a loyal lieutenant of Julius Caesar, so after Caesar is stabbed to death in the senate house, Antony vows to avenge Caesar's death by forcing destruction and war upon the Is the relationship between Brutus and Cassius genuine?

The relationship between Brutus and Cassius is primarily a political, rather than a personal one. Although they are friends and related by marriage their alliance is based upon their status as Where does the theme of love and loyalty appear in act 4? The theme of love and loyalty is presented in act 4, scene 2 during Brutus and Cassius's argument before the Battle of Philippi. When Cassius arrives at Brutus's tent, the two generals begin to Analyze the rhetorical strategies and audience appeals Cassius uses to discredit Caesar and In this speech in act 1, scene 2, Cassius uses a variety of rhetorical methods to discredit Caesar and encourage Brutus to think of taking Caesar's place.

First of all, Cassius attacks Caesar on a What does Cassius reveal to Casca immediately before Cinna enters. Act I, Scene III of this play is set against a backdrop of thunder, which reflects the conspiratorial nature of the discussions that take place within it between Casca and Cassius.

In order to make a compromise, what rules does Brutus give Antony about what he can and cannot do Brutus and his fellow conspirators know how much Caesar is loved by the Roman people.

After the hero's brutal murder, the conspirators are deeply scared, fearful of what may happen next. What is the central action of the play and how did Brutus deceive Caesar? Cicero — A famous orator speaker , writer and senator. Historians have learned a lot about ancient Rome from documents written by Cicero. He was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra — Cleopatra was a famous queen of Egypt, who was known for being beautiful, smart and a good leader. She brought prosperity to Egypt, and lived in Alexandria, which was the capital of Egypt at the time. She is also famous for the way she died — when Caesar Augustus was about to conquer Alexandria, she let a poisonous snake bite her. The British Museum has a marble bust of Julius Caesar.

Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Who was Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar was born on 13 July in the year BC. His full name is Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar created the Julian calendar, which is the basis for the calendar we use today! Caesar was elected consul of Rome in 59 BC, which is the highest political office you could have at that time. Julius Caesar was the first person to have his own bust face and neck printed on a Roman coin.

Julius Caesar was born. Caesar was captured by pirates in the Mediterranean Sea. Caesar was elected to be a quaestor, which was like a financial administrator. Caesar was elected to be an aedile, looking after temples and public buildings. Caesar was elected pontifex maximus, which was a chief priest. Caesar was appointed governor of Spain. Caesar led armies in the Gallic Wars. Julius Caesar invaded Britain twice. Caesar crossed the Rubicon and led an army into Rome to take over the government, starting a civil war.

Caesar created the Julian calendar. Julius Caesar was murdered by Cassius and Brutus. While Caesar was the dictator of Rome, he changed the calendar!

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Julius Caesar was born on 13 July in the year BC. His full name is Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar created the Julian calendar, which is the basis for the calendar we use today!

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· Every town had its help writing a essay paper own bath complex (like a large swimming pool). · Julius Caesar julius caesar homework help Homework Help Questions.

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The general and dictator Julius Caesar helped to build ancient Rome into a mighty empire. The name Caesar became the Russian word tsar (or czar) and the German kaiser. Both mean “emperor.”Julius Caesar was born on July 12 or 13, in about bc. His father died when Caesar was Caesar’s family was patrician, or upper class, but they supported the common people in politics. Get homework help julius caesar; Get homework help julius caesar. by ; Essay on terrorist attack in peshawar school in english. derek bok essay essayer voir huberman lab essay on eating disorders xanax random assignment in psychology generalizability of a study abortion pros and cons essay kingsbury my three passions essay essay on tragic hero.