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❶Those suffering from Trisomy usually have spinal or brain abnormalities, heart defects and smaller, not fully developed eyes -a condition…… [Read More].

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Social workers have the greatest responsibilities for patient advocacy in mental health and have the ability to influence mental health public policy. The best way to advocate on behalf of clients in the social work sector is to improve personal and professional competencies by staying aware of the emerging issues in both social work and mental health care. Current emerging issues including working with an increasingly diverse client base, not just in terms of ethnicity but also in terms of needs diversity, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation diversity, diversity of socio-economic status, and other issues that require a personalized plan of care Marsella, Another emerging issue globally is recognition of the…… [Read More].

Succeeding in Work Whenever People. Business coach Jonathan Farrington reports that the standards that follow team work should underpin how a person operates. The purpose of a team is to get work done satisfactorily by involving everyone and gaining through their individual strengths. Involving people with a variety of interests on broad issues is motivational and very effective. Myriad views can enhance methods, standards, processes and overall effectiveness and productivity.

Other people's differences need to be respected, regardless how unusual they appear, and any personal biases eliminated. It is never healthy to underestimate people or make quick judgments about them. When becoming involved with a team, it is necessary to spend time to understand its goals, the ultimate task that is to be performed and each person's responsibilities to accomplish the goals.

At first, it…… [Read More]. Social Work Assessment From My. Therefore, today's society in the United States is diverse, which is something a social worker needs to understand and know how to deal with each diverse group. Furthermore, through research, it has been discovered most ethnic groups that live in the United States consist of young people, which means by staying in this country, they grow accustom to their surroundings.

Once they have grown accustom to living here, they feel like this is their home to start a life with their own families. This continues the growing number of ethnic groups in this country. Due to the educational accommodations that schools and college campuses make for students that have ethnic backgrounds, there is not enough prejudice of one group to let a Holocaust to occur in the United Stated.

Furthermore, this country believes in freedom of speech to allow one ethnic to be isolated from the rest and condone any…… [Read More]. Aloud or in Writing Making. Companies such as XYZ Widget Corporation are well situated to take advantage of burgeoning markets in developing nations, particularly in Asia and Africa. XYZ can grow its business by expanding its operations to certain developing nations in ways that profit the company as well as the impoverished regions that are involved, particularly when marketing efforts are coordinated with nongovernmental organizations operating in the region.

Several constraints and challenges must be overcome in order to succeed in selling to impoverished regions of the world. Time is of the essence.

First movers will enjoy distinct competitive advantages over their counterparts who adopt a "wait-and-see" approach to targeting the poor in developing nations as potential markets.

Introduction The world's population has never been larger, and there are more poor people today than ever before in history. Current trends provide some mixed messages concerning the direction that poverty is taking in…… [Read More]. Psychology In the 's in Kansas City married couples ages 40 through 90 were put through a series of psychological tests to gain insight into the optimal idea of aging USC, The Kansas City study lent to the idea of the disengagement theory which states that optimally aging adults gradually withdraw from society and social obligations as they age.

Cumming and Henry, whom devised the disengagement theory, argued that the theory sufficiently explained why the elderly reduce their workload, social interactions, amount of new activities, and seem to have increased wisdom USC, One suggested reasoning for adults' disengagement in life is because of the departure from society that takes place with death.

In order to reduce emotional pain, many adults attempt to sever ties with friends and loved ones beforehand USC, The other possibility is that lessening social obligations and commitments essentially frees elderly people as they…… [Read More]. Predominantly Latino Gangs Mara Salvatrucha. Government Since gang-related crimes fall within the jurisdiction of state, this research will give an insight on the need to find solutions that increasingly include all levels of government.

Congress needs to pass legislation that will change immigration enforcement laws and make more aliens deportable. In addition, the federal government should take a more active participation in helping local and state jurisdictions develop anti-gang responses. The local, state and federal governments must take a stand, and combine forces to combat the immigration problem that continue to plague this country into the next generation.

Importance of the Study The die has been cast, there is no turning the clock back now and the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang have established themselves in the United States and far beyond. The origins of the current situation with MS and the 18th Street Gang date back to the late s and early s…… [Read More].

Diabetes and Obesity What Are the Choices. What Are the Choices? Diabetes is becoming an increasingly serious health problem across the United States, and indeed across the world. The majority of cases of diabetes, both in terms of new diagnoses and of current cases, are those of Type II diabetes, which is a condition generally brought on by overweight or obesity and lack of exercise, that prevents an individual's body from being able to metabolize the glucose in food in an efficient and healthy way.

Individuals with Type II diabetes as opposed to individuals with Type I diabetes can generally be quite successfully treated by losing weight and increasing exercise. Individuals with Type II diabetes can often bring their symptoms and risks under control and even potentially eliminate them through good diet and weight loss. Given that Type II diabetes can have very serious long-term consequences including early death due to stroke or heart…… [Read More]. Maturation Process but it Comes Easily Only.

Of course there are choices that usually generate little anguish such as what to have for breakfast or which route to take when going home, but when a person is a diabetic or inclement weather makes every road hazardous, even these choices become difficult. This paper discusses a poem and a short story by two of the greatest American authors of the twentieth century.

The stories reflect both real and intangible choices that the protagonists had to make in Frosts poem the main character is assumed to be the author himself and what the outcome of the choices were. This paper will begin with a literal summary of the two works, the real choices that…… [Read More].

Issues in Developmental Psychology. Erikson's Psychosocial Theory is an example of a theory under this perspective, which state that there are eight stages of psychosocial development that are biologically developed to manifest in a pre-determined, sequential way.

Through this theory, Erikson effectively demonstrates that lifelong development involves integration of internal forces and external situations that influence development of ego. The study was conducted on a group of women between 21 and 69 years to examine factors that affect women's life satisfaction, self-esteem, and views of appearance. A demographic questionnaire and three paper-and-pencil assessment instruments were utilized for data collection, which was analyzed…… [Read More].

The second session had camera instruction. The third session had each participant given a camera and they were instructed to " t ake pictures of the challenges and solution in addressing HIV and AIDS" Mitchell et al.

The fourth session saw the photos developed and asked small groups to compare and contrast their pictures by creating posters. The authors draw on previous research on photo-voice techniques, as well as memory and photography and self-representation through photography. In the end, the authors' qualitative research concluded that although many projects use photography to give voice to participants, it is especially significant in the giving a voice to community health workers and teachers in rural South African communities.

In these remote areas, the communities do not have to wait for researchers to provide them answers, instead they are able to take action themselves and give a visible face to the HIV and AIDS plight…… [Read More]. The essence of management and its particulars are very important from the perspective of an organization. The basic purpose of company is to earn money and increase profit with the help of different provisions.

The ratio of profit for the company is based on the level of…… [Read More]. Coping Mediates the Relationship Between. How the treatment procedures fits into the therapeutic relationship is taken into account, enabling patients to pursue autonomy and mastery of their emotions. A Multidimensional Research on Situation and Dispositional Coping" states that coping is defined "as a constantly changing cognitive and…… [Read More]. Anger Hostility Big Five Anger. One of the problems lies with the assessment, the NEO-PI-R, and although it is considered to be the most effective means of gathering the type of information required for a study of this kind, it requires a person to read a series of questions, and then provide answers based on a personal assessment.

However, with questions such as "I often get disgusted with people I have to deal with," or "I am known as hot-blooded and quick-tempered," 1 it is difficult to maintain an identical definition of these terms among…… [Read More].

Change Management Online Multitasking Perhaps. Over time, from one second to the next, human behavior constantly changes, contributing to the fact that human behavior, consequently human cognition, constitutes a dynamic process. Thelen and Smith, Communication, also a continuous interactive process, serves as the overtime interaction between the human motivated information processing system and the communication message.

Geiger and Reeves, ; Lang, ; Rafaeli, Media multitasking indicates a user will simultaneously experience exposure to content from various media. As a result, the continuing, shifting attention results in less effective retrieval of information, as well as, experiencing challenges retrieving, encoding and storing information. Statement of Problem Despite contradictory indications from communication and cognitive psychology, younger adults' fill their lives with multitasking around media, as well…… [Read More].

Violence in American Sports Today. Given that people engage in sporting events for a wide range of reasons, the authors assert that it is time for athletes to develop a moral code that embraces higher standards of conduct that will help reverse these recent trends and once again provide American sports with a sense of fair play and respect.

In this essay, the authors report that there have been a number of recent studies and reports that suggest that the pressure in high school sports is growing, rather than declining. The authors cite an article in Sports Illustrated that described the alarming trends of parental misbehavior at youth sport events. The president…… [Read More]. Trisomy 13 or Patau Syndrome is a genetic disease in which the person has 3 copies of the genetic material from chromosome 13 instead of having 2 copies.

It occurs when the extra DNA from chromosome 13 appears in some or all of the body's cells. The treatment of this disorder differs from child to child and depends on the symptoms. Trisomy 13 Patau Syndrome Background description of the disease, its symptoms, and impacted population Klaus Patau was a German-American geneticist, and together with his research colleagues, described the condition in The syndrome's clinical appearances were described in for the first time by Erasmus Bartholin, but he did not know its aetiology Patient Information, n.

Trisomy 13 is a chromosomal condition linked with severe physical and intellectual disability. Those suffering from Trisomy usually have spinal or brain abnormalities, heart defects and smaller, not fully developed eyes -a condition…… [Read More].

History of Chinese Mathematics. Chinese Mathematics In ancient China, the science of mathematics was subsumed under the larger practice of suan chu, or the "art of calculation.

Their early mathematical studies have influenced science among neighboring Asian countries and beyond. This paper examines the history of mathematical knowledge in China. It looks at the early Chinese achievements in the field of mathematics, including the decimal system, calculation of pi, the use of counting aids and the application of mathematical principles to everyday life. It also examines the influence of Indian and later, European mathematical knowledge into Chinese mathematics.

Early China Unlike the ancient Greeks who prized knowledge for its own sake, much of the scientific studies conducted in ancient China were spurred by practical everyday needs. Because of its geographic location, China was prone to…… [Read More].

Treatment of Heart Failure in Nursing Home Residents Heart failure HF symptoms may occur because of systemic and pulmonary congestion, structural defects arising on account of HF, structural defects leading to HF, or from treatment complications. At first, studies addressing the issue of heart failure focused on HF patients and decreased left ventricular contraction.

As a result, therapies were tested within this patient cluster. In order to treat chronic HF, non-pharmacological as well as pharmacological therapy ought to be utilized for patients. While this condition is quite frequently witnessed among patients living in nursing homes, whether the suggestions put forward in the pharmacological therapy guidelines are implemented within this cluster of patients is unclear Daamen, et al.

Issue Owing to the lack of awareness of the precise prevalence of chronic HF, this phenomenon is…… [Read More]. Mile Island Nuclear Power Is. There have been rumors relating to the fact that the authorities might have lied concerning the number of curies released and that it had actually been much bigger.

Several tens of thousands of people had been evacuated from the area within a few days and the surrounding schools had been closed. According to surveys done consequent to the event, people apparently considered that the job done by the authorities had been deficient.

According to the studies performed in order to determine the level of radiation exposure, people had not been subjected to life-threatening doses of radiation. The average dose of radiation to which people have been subjected to consequent to the TMI incident is believed to be eight millirem. Pepsi Cola Company Is. Alvarez began working for the firm at age 20 until he was He was the oldest production supervisor.

His performance was satisfactory but he was also known for short temper and obscene language. He got into a fight for which he was fired. The basis of the case was, therefore, the fight and not his age.

The complaint was, thus, dismissed AltLaw. Pepsi Cola of Puerto Rico ottling Company Retrieved on November 23, from http: Thames and Pepsi Cola Corporation.

Retrieved on November 23, at http: Leadership Setting the Path to. The virtues of piety and civility Piety is showing loyalty, respect and affection for those closely related Sergiovanni Civility is the virtue that deals with the differences found in those unlike one's own. A leader is not limited to established relationships and bonds. He is not blind to other views. Piety demands inclusiveness and undivided loyalty while civility accommodates diversity and tolerance.

True leadership exercises both in a balanced way. Leadership finds solutions to problems for others. A wise leader values set bonds within his community. He does not exist separately of others Sergiovanni. To exemplify responsibility and accountability Leadership is position not only of prominence and privilege. It is also a position of responsibility and accountability.

A leader must answer for his…… [Read More]. A great deal of the literature indicates that playing interscholastic sports can help a student become more proficient and successful in his or her academic pursuits. This paper references studies that present the facts regarding the mainly positive effects that interscholastic sports can have on a middle school or high school student's success in the classroom. Lumpkin refers to NFHS data that shows: Articles on the Topic of.

Retrieved from Dissertation Abstracts International. Stress related to parenting can be chronic, as the stressors may be pervasive, ongoing, and require that families adapt to compensate for the effects of the stressors Bos, H. Minority stress, experiences of parenthood and child adjustment in lesbian families. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 22 4 , Examples of this may be feeling frustrated by not being able to provide health insurance to their children or concern about not having custody if the parents' relationship ends.

Accessed 12 November Life of Pi review. Missouri Review 27 1: Works Cited Cole, Stewart. A Spirit that Impels. Works Cited Martel, Yann. The Life of Pi. The Universe Next Door. Pi -- a Question of View Full Essay. Retrieved 30 November from http: New York and London: Simon and Schuster, A History of Mathematics, 2nd ed.

John Wiley and Sons, Gauss," in Guide to the History of Calculus. This article offers some interesting background information on Yann Martel as an author, showing that the author's secular background proves that Life of Pi is making a clear statement about the difference between religion and spirituality.

Religion is an outmoded social institution, whereas spirituality remains central to the human experience. The character of Pi illustrates the similarities between faith in God and faith in one's own ability to succeed, and through the motif of the journey also shows that "a journey toward enlightenment" can be stripped of any religious or even cultural context Stephens The author points out that Life of Pi in part addresses the question of objective reality and whether a human being can even determine whether there is any objective reality, a core feature of postmodernism in general.

This article offers a refreshing counterpoint to the other articles about Life of Pi. The Washington Times, p. The Columbia World of Quotations. Columbia University Press, Retrieved 12 December from www. Language and Meaning in Human Perspective.

The Concept of Mind. University of Chicago Press. Philosophical Investigations, 4th Edition , Hacker and Joachim Schulte eds. This site provides straightforward definitions of a data center and explains its main functions.

The information is cogent and to-the-point. It is a useful respource for basic data and provided a gateway to further more extensive research. What Is Data Center Virtualization? It covers many of the essential aspects of virtualization and is useful as background to this important aspect of the data centre life cycle. The information also provided insight into the problems and challenges that exist in the process of data center virtualization.

Relationship of excess weight in children and adults. The use of topical bleaching agents among women: A cross-sectional study of knowledge, attitude and practices. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 24 A comparison of the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Saudi adult females using two definitions.

Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, 4 3: Obesity among Saudi Female University Students: Dietary Habits and Health Behaviors. Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association 85 Integration of strategic management, process improvement and quantitative measurement for managing the competitiveness of software engineering organizations.

It was simply a summery of the work, similar to some of the peer reviewed sources. Finally, the popular news article was also less accurate and more of an opinion piece and the author's bias were very obvious. Bibliography Christian Response to Hinduism. There is an inherent tension between a retreat from the tenets of community policing and policing strategies intended to keep a safety buffer between the police and the community they serve and protect.

The research includes work from authors who believe that a shift toward policing that could be characterized by paramilitarism occurred prior to September 11 McCulloch, a, Weber, , p. Describing how community policing works in the Australian environment, McCulloch b, p.

His work also includes a comparison of the cultures of both approaches to policing. Murray's conclusion is that the two orientations to policing are not incompatible; he proposes a hybrid model of policing that would enable both approaches to coexist. Murray suggests that community policing continues to be the best way to prevent crime and to prevent acts of terrorism. He bases this conclusion on the enhanced capacity of a community to effectively communicate concerns and observations when there is a basic level of trust between citizens and the police in the community.

The issue is that it is increasingly difficult to distinguish those with malevolent intent from those who must be protected from malevolence. When community members see themselves as partners in the efforts of the police to keep them safe in their own communities, the efficacy of community policing is both possible and enhanced.

The pressure on a police force that currently operates in a community policing mode to transition back to a traditional policing model is substantive. This pressure comes from the citizens -- who desire to see evidence that the country is taking effective steps to fight the war on terror, and from politicians for whom crime fighting and homeland security issues are "election sensitive. Battle for downtown Bangkok hits economy.

Retrieved May 15, from http: Euro in danger of becoming unstable. Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Personal income and outlays, March Bureau of Economic Analysis. Dewey agrees that the research for the development of a new methodology in education is at its early stages and those who are to take this path must use sound scientific methods that will protect their results from being based on false principles.

Alternative methods of education have the same goal and the issue in Dewey's view is how to use the progress of science to make those methods more effective for the sake of education. Experience is in Dewey's vision a factor that must be given the proper attention by all those attempting to make any progress in the filed of education. Works Cited Lewis, Sinclair. Harcourt, Brace and Company, Prince William County, Virginia.

Retrieved February 18, , from http: Electronic Monitoring Reduces Recidivism. Understanding Domestic Abuse in Later Life. Elder Abuse and Neglect. Retrieved February 11, , from Helpguide. The Methodological Case for Narrative Inquiry. Health Education Research Vol. Routledge, Kramp, M. Exploring life and experience through narrative inquiry. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Clandinin, D.

Experience and story in qualitative research. United States Department of Education. English of a Second Language. Fundamentals of Work-Life Balance. Questioning the Domain of the Business Ethics Curriculm.

Journal of Business Ethics, 54, References American Psychological Association. Effects of poverty, hunger, and homelessness on children and youth. Retrieved October 2, from: The effect of poverty on child development and educational outcomes.

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, , Retrieved October 2, from Digital Commons website: Creating a welcoming classroom for homeless students.

Association for Staff and Curriculum Development, 52 6. Human Development View Full Essay. What is a Leader? Retrieved March 20, , from http: Black Collegean Retrieved March 20, from http: Retrieved March 30, , from http: Archives of Sexual Behavior 38, no. Information technology in Ireland: Irish Journal of Management, 23 1 , Critical perspectives on the millennium development goals.

A corporate solution to global poverty: How multinationals can help the poor and invigorate their own legitimacy. Journal of Economic Issues, 41 4 , Reference List The Psychology of Aging. The Psychology of Aging: Theory, Research, and Interventions. Human Events, 64 37 , 8.

Street Gangs a Threat to National. How Globalism and Tribalism are Reshaping the World. Latent class analysis of lifestyle characteristics and health risk behaviors among college youth.

Four-Year Colleges Obesity If Pi were to think about the amount of time that has elapsed, he would remember his loss of family and friends making him once again look forward to death. By nature, animals including humans favor consistency and dislike change and disruptions in their ritual.

Pi unconsciously conducts his own religious rituals within his daily routine and grants him continued faith in God to survive.

Daily writing in the journal led Pi to sustain his humanity while being isolated from society. Writing down his thoughts allows Pi to retain his last grasp on human society and it gives him a sense of hope.

The journal keeps Pi from cannibalism and alleviates his loneliness but as journal entries stopped, Pi gradually began to lose his sense of humanity. Being at sea gradually forces Pi to lose memories of his life in society. From the perspective of society, eating human flesh is judged as cannibalism and when Pi begins to accept the fact of eating human flesh, he has already begun to lose a part of his humanity.

Writing in the journal allows Pi to retain the thinking of society including its norms such as the consuming of the same species is unjust and mentally insane. At this point of the novel, Pi acknowledges his decline of humanity and with it, degrades himself and his will to live when he eats human flesh.

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Sep 05,  · In light of the fact that this is a novel about imagination, why does Martel begin with the Author’s Note, which gives the impression that Pi’s account is truth, not fiction? One of the ways that Pi keeps himself sane and occupied while alone in the middle of the ocean is by writing in his journal.

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Life of Pi is a novel by Yann Martel. Life of Pi study guide contains a biography of author Yann Martel, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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This is one of the aspects that make this novel so easy to use for creating essay topics to use with secondary students. Essay Topics The theme of religion is used throughout the novel, and there are many essay topics teachers . Life of Pi Essay Topics & Writing Assignments Yann Martel This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other .

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“Life of Pi” Mini Essay Juxtaposing “Crude reality” with fiction “for the sake of greater truth”, Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’ illustrates the influence childhood experiences can have our lives, ultimately preparing us for adulthood and the challenges which lie ahead. Mar 07,  · Life of Pi Analytical Essay In the novel Life of Pi, Yann Martel uses the protagonist Pi to demonstrate how faith, ritual and one’s will to live save one from the barbaric and carnivorous reality.