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Philosophy of Nursing Leadership Essay

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❶Nowadays firms seek leadership skills in individuals for all sorts of careers while recruiting.

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At the end of the day, I work very hard to teach, coach and mentor to the point where my subordinates can operate autonomously and could step up to replace me as the leader if necessary. As a leader, what are we doing other than molding our replacements—essentially investing in the future. This approach is based on open two-way communication. I believe in providing a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished, with guidance for how it should be accomplished when necessary.

I also believe in fostering an environment where questions are allowed, and creativity is encouraged. Subordinates should be able to approach me with a problem without fearing the outcome or repercussion. Constant interaction and communication will ensure this becomes routine and part of the norm.

In addition, what helps foster a good working environment is recognition of success, and discussion to rectify sub-par performance. People want to be recognized when they work hard. I believe in making sure I recognize individuals both publicly and privately in order to increase initiative and motivation, and to redirect efforts when a subordinate is off task.

If a subordinate has proven that they are unable to succeed, I will pull that person aside and talk through observed problems to assist that individual to develop a plan, which will overcome these identified difficulties. This is centered around respect for all and not wanting to embarrass the individual by critiquing them in front of others. In either case, it shows the subordinates that I, as the leader, and the organization, care about them. They, in turn, will work harder knowing that their leadership believes in them.

Lastly, I believe in transparency. I am open to criticism and am prepared to implement identified improvements. Using regular meetings open to the collective, identifying successful and unsuccessful initiatives or systems provides me with feedback which can then be used to make needed changes in the section or organization. This provides a voice to subordinates, gives them buy in, and makes the overall organization more flexible and probably more competitive and cooperative as everyone will feel they have participated in the outcome.

If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. From the above perspective, the vision I have communicated should be understood and shared by everyone in the organization if we are to achieve our objective.

We should also apply the concept of vision and revision where our vision acts as a way-point which is subject to adjustment along the way Value is the second element and it entails the morality and virtues which should form the central theme of the human nature.

As an organization, the values of the U. The seven major values which guide this philosophy can be essential in any organization which includes loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honour, integrity, and personal courage.

The values are moral guidelines for each soldier to lead us through the intellectual, emotional and philosophical issues that surround our lives and organization. Every leader should therefore adhere to the seven values and ensure that they play the central role in their leadership philosophy. Organizational success depends on the values of the company, its stand and the belief of its people. People who think that we cannot change or train values are wrong and should therefore go for basic training in the US Marine Corps model.

In addition, I believe that lack of enough discussion and understanding of values is the major reason for unethical behaviour which the media highlights. It is my duty therefore to establish a formal training program that will enhance values within the army. Caring for one another is the third element of my leadership philosophy just as it is emphasized by the soldiers. This kind of care extends to all other people such as ensuring that soldiers and their families are taken care of.

This is in as ensuring that, any mission set forth is successfully accomplished. This may appear as competitive imperatives but both of them must be successfully accomplished by a talented leader. Taking good care of my soldiers will involve ensuring quality life, safety, family support, proper equipment and training, and timely recognition of excellence.

This aspect is greatly concurred within the army as the attribute is emphasized in form of an aggressive program which provides for and serves the soldiers welfare as an essential catalyst that ensures unit bonding. The full potential of a soldier is reached when their leaders are caring because modern combat needs love and care of soldiers and soldiering. Leader development is another element made up of three important components which include formal schooling, leader training and empowerment.

Among the professional training I intend my soldiers to undergo include the Basic as well as the Advanced Non-commissioned Officer Course, and many other courses that will promote professional development.

Although the formal educational courses may collide with training and exercises, subordinates must receive these training to sharpen their specialities.

Leader development is a continuous process and I will promote attendance to formal education to supplement our professional development programs Wallace, I will also ensure that subordinates are empowered through delegation of duties to encourage the growth of leadership within the organization The next element which is inevitable will be to manage change. Frequent deployment, downsizing, modern technology, and increased personnel and operations tempo will require the army to deal with tremendous change.

My mission and purpose for the organization will clearly elaborate the need to manage change because it will be necessary for general improvement. Leveraging diversity is another element of leadership philosophy which is often overlooked by many people. Soldiers from different ethnic, religion, racial experience backgrounds should be treasured since they add value to the organization.

The mechanism that I intend to use to ensure that diversity is appreciated includes open-door policy, visibility and small-group sessions in the organization. Moreover, any personnel who do not value diversity will not be tolerated.

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Some believe that Servant Leadership is a philosophy that certain leaders believe in by developing characteristics in order to follow this philosophy while others believe is a set of leadership practices in which one must gain skills by practicing certain set of rules.

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Defining your leadership philosophy on one piece of paper is a critical leadership skill. Mike Figliuolo covers this approach from his book One Piece of Paper.

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