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The Lady With the Dog

Essay title: The Lady with the Pet Dog

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by Anton Chekhov

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Dream Essay is customer oriented. Writer is absolutely excellent. This writer provides the highest quality of work possible. Dream Essay is excellent. Writer is excellent. Met all requirements of the paper produce superb work. The banker Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov, a married but philandering man of almost forty, spends a vacation alone in the seaside resort of Yalta, where he meets and skillfully seduces a much younger lady, Anna Sergeyevna, who is also on holiday without her spouse. Their first encounter leads to a furtive and sporadic liaison, with Anna, who lives in a provincial town, having trysts with him in Moscow once every two or three months.

Now deeply in love, the couple faces an unpredictable future. Chekhov ends the story on this indeterminate note. The first, of course, deals with their meeting in Yalta.

In part 2, they walk on the pier, Dmitry kisses her passionately, they have sex back at the hotel, and Anna is immediately remorseful, while he calmly cuts himself a section of watermelon.

Chekhov treats Anna tenderly, rendering her shame and penitence as genuine, with her unconsciously assuming the posture of a classical Magdalen. When she leaves for home, both lovers assume that the brief affair has ended. They symbolize the difficulty and sadness of a love between people both married to others. Dmitry finds Anna attending a first night performance in the local theater. In the scene describing their reunion there, the tone of the tale assumes dramatic tension.

Both speak in anxious, short, urgent exclamatory phrases. Dmitry, now realizing that his heart belongs to Anna, treats her deferentially and no longer worries whether onlookers can see them embracing.

She swears that she will visit him in Moscow and does so in part 4. In Moscow, Anna and Dmitry find a pathetically marginal happiness together. Chekhov contrasts the scene in her hotel room there with that in part 2. Dmitry is now soft and considerate with Anna, no longer slightly bored and irritated. For the first time, he finds himself loving a woman unselfishly.

The story begins with a description of a bored banker, Dmitrii Gurov, on vacation in the southern Russian city of Yalta. Idly attentive toward the other vacationers, Gurov takes special interest in a recent arrival to the resort town, a young woman named Anna Sergeevna von Diederitz, who strolls along the embankment with her little dog.

Judging from her appearance, Gurov decides that she is a married woman alone and bored on her vacation. Although he too is married, he has had many affairs, and he becomes excited by the prospect of having a brief affair with this stranger.

Beckoning her dog toward him, he uses the pet as an excuse to strike up a conversation with her, and within a short time they develop an easy air of companionship. Anton Chekhov next depicts the pair after a week has passed. More evidence might yield a different take on this topic, perhaps that Gurov and Anna have complicated things by meeting again, and that their new memories will not be as valued as the ones from Yalta.

What we learn about her is for the most part, only given to us through what Gurov learns and how he thinks about it. Questions should arise as to why she is attracted to Gurov in the first place—a man old enough to be her father; as well as the implication that her husband possibly knows that she is having an affair.

Consider the strange lines: Argue what you think about Anna, and the way she is presented to us by the author. Does Chekhov give her any agency in this love affair situation, or is she somewhat a simplified and objectified memory or thing-to-be-coveted by Gurov as the story progresses and comes to a close?

by Anton Chekhov

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The Lady with the Dog is portrayed as a rather typical Chekhov tale in that it reflects the main style and literary preferences of the author. The story seems to break traditional rules of storytelling, especially considering his plot and conclusion.

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The lady with the Dog (Chekhov), Dmitri and his wife did not see eye to eye. His wife considered herself "staid, dignified, and intellectual" (Chekhov p). His wife also "read a great deal and used phonetic spelling" (Chekhov p. ).

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Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #1: A Psychoanalysis / Character Analysis of Gurov in “The Lady With the Dog" by Chekhov In Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Lady with the Dog", we are given a third-person narration that is limited to Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov’s perspective; and we are allowed access to Gurov’s thoughts and feelings to a certain extent. The Lady with the Dog Essay. BACK; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper.

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Love in Anton Chekhov’s The Lady with the Dog Essay example Words | 7 Pages Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Dog”, the readers are placed in a setting where the main character Gurov, and his love interest Anna, are given the emotional freedom to feel love toward one another. Essays for The Lady With the Dog The Lady With the Dog essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Lady With the Dog by Anton Chekhov.