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Web Conferencing Programs Research Memo

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web conferencing programs research memo
web conferencing programs research memo

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Using video conferencing productivity is increased, because it eliminates the long conference…… [Read More]. Virtual Collaboration Techniques The differences between virtual organizations and the traditional brick and mortar ones The Antecedents for a successful virtual collaboration The advantages of virtual collaboration Disadvantages of virtual collaboration Virtual collaboration is indicated by Chen, Volt and Lin 77 to involve the processes of collaboration between team members who are involved in working towards the achievement of a common goal, in a classroom or a workplace setting.

Virtual collaboration, they noted also refers to the employment of digital technologies that are engaged to enable individuals and organizations in the planning, designing, development, management, research on various products and services in a collaborative fashion using innovative e-commerce and general IT applications.

The concept of virtual collaboration is extensively used in organizations that have virtual teams and especially in the arena of product development in companies that are geographically dispersed Baxendale and Mellor Another application of virtual; collaboration is…… [Read More]. Group activities play an important role in the classroom. However, learning in the e-classroom typically takes place on an individual level, with students in different buildings and settings.

With some effort, these elements can still be, and must be, a part of the student's classroom experience. The teacher can facilitate this type of interaction with some planning and ingenuity.

Online debates can take place in chat rooms or through video-conferencing software such as elluminateLive! The teacher can simulate the one-on-one interaction that is present in the brick and mortar classroom. There are many elements that are similar to holding classroom debates and activities that are similar to the brick and mortar classroom.

It is important to establish the ground rules of the discussion and make certain that students are polite to one another. The teacher must act as moderator and…… [Read More].

Social Business and Retailer. Concept of Social Business Concept of Social Business with etailers Social Media and etailing Best Practices in Administering Social Media There is a growing body of research that confirms that companies of all sizes and types can realize a wide array of benefits from the use of social media networks. While the types and applications of social media experience constant change, social media content such as blogs and microblogs have become some of the more popular social media tools that have emerged in recent years.

Although there a number of benefits and advantages that can be achieved through the use of social media resources, there is a concomitant danger that inappropriate or misguided content can backfire…… [Read More]. Studies have found that principals' approach to their post, and its eventual effect on enrolled pupils, is dependent upon their style of leadership. Some styles prove to have more benefits for pupils than others.

An especially vulnerable student group is students with special education needs. They are, in fact, so susceptible that regulations are made for their protection, designed specially to look after their education. Such laws foster collaboration, inclusive planning, and shared leadership-- leadership traits that have been proven as having the most favorable impact on all students' outcomes Schulze, The school administrator's role as an educational leader has an extensive history.

Currently, however, the significance of this particular role is greater than ever…… [Read More]. Business -- Political Science the. Today the outbound telephone marketing industry has given political campaigns the ability to reach out to a large group of targeted voters in a quick and quiet way, just below the radar. This notion went way beyond the small volunteer call centers that have existed for over forty years.

It was essential for the technology to be in place and widely utilized. Political campaigns could not have put into production a complete industry of dissimilar companies, large and small, with many thousands of telephones in call centers. This was a revolution as one could target using any criteria from gender, age, vote propensity, income, level of education, to presence of children. One could shape the message even within a single calling agenda, so that they may be calling all women, but the script may be different for younger women in comparison to older women.

And maybe most importantly, one can…… [Read More]. Google Case Study Analysis Originating. Web Conferencing High End: Product development team globally Yes - Many vendors have SaaS-based solutions in this arena. Analyzing data from website traffic, including trending on click-through data and visitor's unique attributes Analytics Google has a trial version of this today; yet could go up-market with this into web traffic analytics Yes - Several; yet no one has perfected optimization of Google AdWords yet or AdSense; these will be the most likely services Google will launch in Analytics first on a fee basis.

Security of websites, data storage and Internet traffic Security and Enterprise Scalability Google has extensive internal knowledge in these areas and can easily create new services based on their lessons learned. Google is considered…… [Read More].

Technology Presentation Information Technology Cannot. We agree that people still purchase books. The reason is that today the author gets paid upfront and if people do not read the book, the publisher has to bear the loss. Secondly publishers are able to 'sell the books' to the bookstores' based on 'consignment system', whereby the 'book store' is able to return the books which are unsold against a 'full refund'.

Grossman, Jeanie Comstock says that some of the changes that became mandatory include the quality, readability and accessibility of documents. The changes in publishing technology have also called for changes in the roles for technical workers, communicators and even writers.

Thus the intervention and role of the technical communicator has changed so that the matter or book published to day is readable, articulate, and navigable both in the printed and in the electronic media. The composite problem is also to keep up the author…… [Read More]. Risk Minimization and Loss Prevention. At least she will look good standing before the sentencing judge: Denise spent a great deal of her illegal loot on head-to-toe cosmetic surgery.

She blew the rest on a shiny new Lexus, luxury vacations, clothing and jewelry. And, of course, Denise had to have a big house to store all of her finery.

Business Report As happened with many service businesses during a recession, Jazz Event Productions experienced a drop in revenues in For a company that has grown steadily throughout its year history, it was an unwelcome first. The decrease in sales occurred primarily because companies faced with tough economic choices because of the recession either cut back or eliminated entirely their budgets for special events.

As a result, Jazz experienced a period wherein sales dropped by about five percent. They believe that the best approach,…… [Read More].

Technology and Project Management There has been steady development in technology over recent years and this does not look as if it is going to stop any time soon. Technology is still advancing and organizations are incorporating what technology has to offer. This helps them remain relevant and efficient in their activities. Project mangers have a major role to play when it comes to the life cycle of a project.

Technology is seen to have an important role in streamlining the roles and speeding up the completion time of projects. How valuable technology in project management is totally dependent on how it is utilized. This can only happen if the appropriate tools are used in a proper way. This presentation is on how technology affects project management. Technology can help in the improvement of communication; make assessments of risks as well as controlling and scheduling.

Teaching Characteristics and Difficulties of. Also, it is almost impossible to assess the classes' collective level of interest from email, papers, and responses, for a particular lesson. Interactive technology, even video conferencing, lacks the cohesive nature of one-on-one interaction in the real world as a class.

Even though a video conference, a teacher cannot monitor students as closely, assign in-class team assignments, or have as much flexibility over tailoring his or her lesson plan to suit the immediate dynamics of the room. Depending on the number of students in the class, the online format can also seem impersonal. Students may subconsciously hold this against the teacher and either feel excessively dependent on or resentful of the instructor, either bombarding the teacher with email on one hand, or turning in assignments late on the other.

Peer interaction can provide some support, and ideally may even be more sustaining than in a real world, large lecture hall,…… [Read More]. An interesting point they bring up is the circumvention of cheating by having another person complete your coursework: In the future we may be able to remotely identify individuals using devices that scan finger, voice, or eye-prints technology, which is already in use for security applications, but at present this seems a rather extreme measure.

Web sites like TurnItIn. Technologies for Teaching at a. Web-based technologies are in fact the essence of distance learning because students from all over the world can attend courses they could not if the were confined to a geographic location. Organizational and reference tools including digital calendars, dictionaries, translation devices, and journals allow both instructor and student to manage their time more efficiently.

Digital calendars can be set with alarms that help students manage their time better: Also, digital calendars help distance learning students who have heavy course loads. The calendars allow students to input due dates and other deadlines. Students and instructors have at their fingertips a whole range of resources that would otherwise require large learning spaces and numerous reference materials like dictionaries, thesauri, and other reference guides including atlases.

Students who are learning in languages that are not their native tongues can avail themselves…… [Read More]. Internet and Classroom Enhancement Internet. The wealth of activities and opportunities that are available to teachers online enhances what is available to them for use in the classroom.

Teachers who are well educated will make the most use of the available internet resources. Additionally, the modern classroom does not have to be a physical location; it extends into the cyber world.

This fusion creates dynamic and exciting possibilities for both teacher and student, increasing the learning experience for all.

Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, Principles, and Guidelines New York: Cloud Computing and Developmental Education. Journal of Developmental Education. User-centered design of online learning communities. Learning that is imparted through an educational institution or training company within the workplace setting in known as Work-based learning WL. WL is administered by an external teacher in professional capacity and supervised by an employee of the company where WL is imparted.

An exhaustive literature review indicates that it was only after Moser report's shocking revelations, regarding lack of literacy, language, and numeracy skills in one out every five adults in ritain that U.

K took expedited policy actions to introduce WL. WL is relevant for all adult and young learners and more pertinent for instruction of English as a second language ESL. Since medium of interaction and business transactions in U. K is English, instruction of ESL is essential for empowering vast percentage of population that does not have requisite skills to compete in labor market due to lack of language skills.

Increased use of computers and multimedia in teaching…… [Read More]. A great deal has changed in the last decade with the information technology explosion. With more accessibility and economical port charges internet has made its presence felt in a number of avenues ranging from corporate desks to common households. This has enabled speedy communication procedures such as email, conferencing, instant messaging, web telephony, video conferencing and so on.

Information that was hitherto difficult to access and obtain suddenly became available a click away. With increased usage and application of the internet and other virtual private networks VPN , information was readily and easily available on the desktop.

A user had little or practically no need to leave the confines…… [Read More]. Breakthroughs in Communication Technology and. An article from last year points to the continuing thrust forward with respect to the integration of technologies and sensory desires for the user, describing the inception of visual aspects into the protocol. The article by Ding et al. Based particularly upon the findings produced by a long-term observation of the patterns of usage for VOIP users, the study would produce a set of conclusions concerning the fashions of usage which have produced the integration of visualization into an already integrative protocol.

The article contends to "shed light on the factors that drive the use of visual enhancements to audio conferencing. Cellular Telephones Pros and Cons the Research. Cellular Telephones Pros and Cons The esearch Project a separate project student, student researches a topic web produces a report-based research. Each student choose topic, list an interest. Several students choose topic, work independent. Cellular Telephones The increasing high demand for communication has necessitated the invention of cellular telephones in the world.

Advancements in technology have also played a critical part to see to it that communication technology serves the needs of people efficiently. Over the years the use of cellular telephone has moved from a luxurious to an essential. This is to the extent that people consider life without them as impossible. Behind the increasing popularity of Cellular telephones there are dozens of reason that include; technological offers, entertainment, growth in the cellular manufacturing industry and connectivity in the social networks Aylor, The growth in the cellular industry has contributed to higher competition and lower prices…… [Read More].

Online Rhetoric Online Collaboration Software. Logos in online communications changes because diction has changed such as in the use of slang. Words can be copied, pasted, and inserted into related documents that are then shared with the group via the online collaboration software and so words have become less sacrosanct, more a part of the common domain.

Online collaboration tools aid communication and make at-a-distance meetings possible. However, online communication has drawbacks. One major drawback with online communication is the potential for misunderstanding because of the lack of nonverbal communication cues.

Unless the speaker uses video conferencing tools, his or her emotions are difficult to read. The use of emoticons does not make up for slight twitches in facial muscles, eye contact, or posture in helping viewers read the speaker. Therefore, online communication tools make the pathos part of the rhetorical equation more difficult to execute.

Group members need to use creative means to convey…… [Read More]. Small Computer Systems Proposed Research. According to aul B. Mckimmy , "The first consideration of wireless technology is bandwidth.

It allows a maximum of 11 megabits per second Mbps " p. In , when the IEEE Wireless local area network LAN technology, however, has actually been in use since the late s; different proprietary approaches were commonly used, and the networks operated at lower speeds e. In , though, the standards setting body, IEEE, released the Distance and Net-Based Learning Describe. In addition, the structure and presentation of required, basic course material are more goal-oriented and motivating to meet the needs of students.

While critics initially charged that Net-based learning was vastly inferior to traditional classroom settings, some now wonder if traditional education will survive as the transformational possibilities of Net-based learning, teaching and developing course content are fully realized. Physically attending college is a great experience. Colleges shape students' lives and teach values, ethics and cultures that are unique to schools.

Often, one can tell which school a person has attended just by listening to the person's communication style. Going to an online school is different.

Students can have a great learning experience in an online school, but students may not get a chance to fully…… [Read More]. Virtual Office Disadvantages of Virtual. Security measures are available to minimize this effect, in fact an entire industry has emerged to address these needs, but control will never be the same as when the employees are under one roof and subject to scrutinizing eyes and ears and computers and cell phones are free from potential hackers.

To put virtual office security into perspective think about all the security measures that are taken in traditional offices to ensure the safety of a business' equipment and information Lombardi, Closed circuit surveillance systems are installed, alarm systems, security guards are utilized to protect the physical plant while extensive firewalls, networking passwords, and layered access systems are used to protect the business information Rodriguez, A distributed workforce can cause problems relative to collaboration.

Many work projects require the coordination of different skills and with the workforce being distributed this may be difficult. Specialization of knowledge-based work, falling…… [Read More]. Kapuscinski, Zhang, Carbonneau, Moore, eeves, Gunasekaran, Ngai, Bilek, Discussion of Current Business Issues Today Dell suffers from not having enough insight into the most critical customer relationships necessary to grow its emerging virtualization and Cloud computing businesses, as the company's approach to managing by technology instead of customers created a very myopic mindset.

The transition from being purely technology- and product-centric to one that puts customer feedback and their insights into the center of a business model can only be achieved by measuring processes and improving them Liu, Guo, Lee, Nowhere is this more evident than in the company's quoting process. Ironically for a company so well-known for its build-to-order process online, tis enterprise-wide quoting systems are seriously broken and often can take weeks to produce a highly specific quote for a…… [Read More].

Aloud or in Writing Making. Companies such as XYZ Widget Corporation are well situated to take advantage of burgeoning markets in developing nations, particularly in Asia and Africa. XYZ can grow its business by expanding its operations to certain developing nations in ways that profit the company as well as the impoverished regions that are involved, particularly when marketing efforts are coordinated with nongovernmental organizations operating in the region.

Several constraints and challenges must be overcome in order to succeed in selling to impoverished regions of the world. Time is of the essence. First movers will enjoy distinct competitive advantages over their counterparts who adopt a "wait-and-see" approach to targeting the poor in developing nations as potential markets.

Introduction The world's population has never been larger, and there are more poor people today than ever before in history. Current trends provide some mixed messages concerning the direction that poverty is taking in…… [Read More]. Second Life and Distance Education. However, surprisingly, distance educators have not caught onto the trend.

Second Life offers the ability to add the social element and interaction that is often missing from the distance education experience. If traditional universities and public entities see the opportunity to use Second Life for education, and to disseminate public information, then this would seem like the next logical step in improving distance education programs. Students could attend a virtual classroom that is like a brick and mortar classroom in many ways.

One of the key difficulties in implementing online education in an online world is that students may not have access or the skills necessary to function in an online world. Second Life requires the most advanced graphics cards and systems to run. It will not run on older systems or those that do not meet the…… [Read More]. Broadband Internet Service What it Is and. What it Is and Where It's Going Explanation of roadband Current State of roadband The Future of roadband The current frontier of high speed internet technology and digital communications is broadband.

Although it has been available for several years now to both homes and businesses, broadband has not spread as rapidly as some proponents of the technology had hoped or expected, leading to the failure of some companies involved in this business. What is broadband, and what is its future? These are questions that are taking on increasing importance as broadband usage is finally increasing around the world.

Of equal importance is which broadband technology will survive and how telecommunications regulations in this country will impact the digital world.

Explanation of roadband Simply put, broadband is high-speed internet access. It is expected to revolutionize communications, entertainment,…… [Read More]. Higher Education Distance Learning in. Online distance learning is completely different environment from that of a traditional classroom.

There are different rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Class discussion often takes place via a bulletin board and more often than not also serves as a way of taking attendance. Students should expect to spend between two and three hours per credit hours per course studying every week. This is a completely different learning style that involves no face-to-face contact and often takes away from human aspect of learning.

Distance learning is not for everyone, but for those who have the self-discipline to be successful it can open an entire set of new opportunities to get an education. Those who partake in this type of learning often find that they like the freedom that it gives them to get an education without having to be tied down to a traditional learning environment.

Virtual Private Networks Use in. There are over airlines, 60, hotel properties, 32 rental car companies, nine cruise lines, and tour operators that comprise the database of offerings in Sabre data architecture. VPNs are used for completing the necessary order and booking capture, booking management, pricing updates and validations with each agent, and the coordination with the literally thousands of travel partners to company has.

Sabre opted for Web-based VPN architecture to deliver real-time updates of data to their MySabre travel agency booking portal that was recently introduced to the 70, travel agents that participate with the travel network. The use of an SSL-based VPN architecture for supporting the many quoting, ordering, and services processes was critical for Sabre, as their broader application development plan focused first on speed and security for their agent base.

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